​Day trip to 長洲 Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

2016-12-09 08.41.56We had a great time at 南丫島 Lamma Island previously, and this time, we decided to check out 長洲 Cheung Chau.

There was also an ongoing discount for ferry tickets till end of 2016, so it was an additional motivation to go pay a visit 😛

2016-12-09 08.25.31First, we had a nice dim sum breakfast at hubby’s favourite yumcha place at 蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House, because of its great atmosphere.

The food quality today was much better than our previous visit! We absolutely adored the steamed mushroom 😀

Anyway, after a leisurely breakfast, we walked to Central Ferry Pier No. 5 to wait for the next normal ferry at 09:00.

2016-12-09 09.58.402016-12-09 10.08.37It was close to 10:00 when we arrived at 長洲 Cheung Chau, and as we made our way to 東灣 Tung Wan Beach, we passed by the rather famous 甘永泰魚蛋.

Of course, we had to try 魚蛋 Fish Balls (HK$15 for a stick of 5),and 鯪魚球 Dace Fish Balls (HKD$15 for a stick of 4). Once we ordered, our items went for a quick deep frying. The fish balls were rather bouncy after we bit through the slightly hardened skin. Hubby preferred the distinctive taste of the 鳞魚球 Dace Fish Balls.

Moving on to the beach, we spent some time watching a bunch of students playing games before continuing our trail to see the 3000 year-old rock carving 長洲石刻, just below the Warwick Hotel.

Continuing on to 觀音灣 Kwun Yam Beach and 小長城 Mini Great Wall, we discovered that it must have been a good day for school excursions, as there were teachers leading various groups of students in geography lessons on rock formations. We had some fun trying to identify the various huge rocks too!

Moving along to 天后廟 Tin Hau Temple, we decided to head back to hunt for lunch, as it was past 12 noon already. Luckily, the pocket WiFi was working well by now (it was a little wonky and we had to reboot a couple of times) and we used Google Maps to find our way back.

2016-12-09 13.03.33We ended up at 滋味屋 Yummy House for some pre-lunch snacks 眉豆茶果 Black Eyed Beans Tea Cake (HK$6) and 椰汁砵仔糕 Coconut Steamed Rice Pudding (HK$6). Hubby preferred the 椰汁缽仔糕 as it was very flavourful and the red beans provided an extra crunch. I thought that the 眉豆茶果 was rather interesting as it reminded me of soon kueh with a crunch.

For lunch, we decided to share a bowl of 热豆腐花 Hot Bean Curd (HK$11) and 车仔麵 Noodles (HK$35) from 新照記茶餐小食店. The bean curd was quite smooth, and we could adjust the sweetness by adding the sugar syrup or brown sugar according to our taste.

For noodles, we could pick any 2 toppings with choice of noodles and sauce for HK$30, and top up additional HK$5 for each extra topping. We opted for 牛腩 beef brisket, 牛肚 beef tripe, and 豬大腸 pig intestines, along with 公仔麵 instant noodles and 咖喱汁 curry sauce. It was a good bowl of noodles with lots of ingredients! The curry sauce was not too spicy, and we thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

Our final snack in Cheung Chau was the 芝士紅豆餅 Cheese and Red Bean Cake (HK$10) from 故鄉茶寮 Hometown Teahouse next door.

2016-12-09 13.44.24It was certainly very different from the red bean cakes that we had tried before. There was a generous amount of red bean and cheese within the very thin and slightly crispy crust. The crust was so unlike the thick and slightly chewy ones that we usually have. It was delicious! The salty cheese complemented the sweet red bean very well.

Tummies satisfied, we took the 14:15 normal ferry back to Central Ferry Pier no. 5, followed by a short walk to Pier no. 7 to catch another ferry to 尖沙咀 Tsim Sha Tsui.

Notes: You can use the Octopus card to pay for the ferry tickets. For the normal ferry, there was a deluxe class option, which you pay a bit more for air-conditioning instead of sea breeze. The fast ferry was double the price with slightly faster timings, so we felt that the normal ferry was more value-for-money.


滋味屋 Yummy House:

  • Location: 長洲長洲大新街77号地下 No.77 G/F Tai San Street, Cheung Chau (Google Maps)

  • Location: 長洲東灣道18號 G/F, 18 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau (Google Maps)
故鄉茶寮 Hometown Teahouse:

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