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台北夜市 2015 Taipei Night Market Part 1

The start of Guangzhou St Night Market

The start of Guangzhou St Night Market

After lunch, we went back to the Pintoo shop and got what we came to Taipei for: loads and loads of puzzles! We bought so much we had to pack them into a carton box to carry it! And it had to rain just when we were about to walk back to our hotel! Totally unexpected because we read that Taipei would be hot summer the whole while! In any case, we walked back to the hotel in a small umbrella and a huge carton box of puzzles. 🙂

After checking in to our hotel and a short rest, it was time to hit the Night Market!

There are 4 night markets near Longshan Temple MRT 捷運龍山寺, 3 of which were kind of interlinked. So we did the Guangzhou Street 廣州街觀光夜市, followed by Wuzhou Street 梧洲街夜市, and Huaxi Alley 華西街觀光夜市, before walking over to Xichang Street 西昌街夜市.
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