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​呷三碗  Eat 3 Bowls @Seah Im Food Centre

2016-09-03-11-35-11This was a new stall since our last visit to Seah Im Food Centre at Telok Blangah, and who could resist Braised Meat Rice 滷肉飯 that cost only $2.50! We also ordered the Deep Fried Intestines 炸大膓 ($4) instead of the usually braised intestines.

The braised meat rice was awesome, transporting us immediately back to Taiwan!!

The good balance of meat and fats and the lovely rice drenched with gravy. This was worth every single cent! The deep fried intestines reminded us of 鹽酥雞, for within the super crispy exterior lay the very soft intestines. We liked it! Some might find the smell a bit too strong though.

We were very happy with our choice and would love to come back to try out the other items!


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台北夜市 2015 Taipei Night Market Part 3

Champion in Braised Pork Belly Rice! Die, die must try!!

Champion in Braised Pork Belly Rice! Die, die must try!!

Tonight, we decided to check out a smaller night market, 遼寧夜市 Liaoning Night Market. It was only one stop away at 捷運南京復興站 Nanjing Fuxing Station from our hotel.

Upon reaching the station, in our excitement, we exited the nearest gate to find ourselves facing two exits, and nowhere to walk to Exit 2 😮 The station map indicated that it might be a long walk to the other end, so we sought help from the station control. The staff seemed to meet blur tourists like us all the time, and very calmly gave us a laminated card and guided us through the gate and sent us along the direction to the correct exit, located at the green line side. We then passed the card to the staff at the other counter and we were good to go!

Once we were out of Exit 2, we made a right turn to 遼寧街 Liaoning Street, away from the huge pedestrian crossing. We then walked though a somewhat curvy small road to reach 遼寧夜市 Liaoning Night Market. This is a rather local night market and there is no clustering of stalls or closure of roads. We tried out 2 of the more popular stalls.

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天天利美食坊 @Ximending, Taipei

2015-07-30 21.54.07

We had read about a rather famous 滷肉飯 braised pork belly with rice in this area, so we decided to just pop by after our trip to the night markets at Longshan Temple area.

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