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景美夜市 Jingmei Night Market @Taipei

2016-01-11 23.21.54Today was our last night in Taipei *sob*, and we really wanted to cover 景美夜市 Jingmei Night Market, and 公館夜市 Gongguan Night Market, as they were just 2 stations apart.

Being a Monday night, we expected that some stalls might not be open. But that was fine with us, as there were plenty of everything else to eat.

The area at 景美 Jingmei is a 市场 market place in the day with shopping and food, and as night falls, it turns into a night market as other push cart style food stalls begin their operations. We were here from late afternoon, and manage to do a little shopping before dinner. The prices here seemed to be slightly cheaper.

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南機場夜市 Nanjichang Night Market @Taipei

2016-01-07 18.16.23Our first night in Taipei in 2016, and we decided to visit this little local night market (because this was one of two night markets in Taipei that we have not yet been to)!

We have read many blogs and reviews of this night market and had more or less decided on what to try. Nevertheless, we took our time and strolled along. Our first impression was that this night market was not as crowded as the rest and there were plenty of walking space for everyone! We liked that there was a slight breeze and that the weather was not too hot or humid, thanks to a passing shower which provided much of the coolness.

This location is called 南機場 Nanjichang or South Airport because this area used to be an airport used by the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation. Because this was situated on the south of the main 松山機場 Songshan Airport, locals called it South Airport. 🙂

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Shanghai Ren Jia 上海人家 @AMK

Cosy little shop

Cosy little shop

Been here a few times but there was always a long queue outside. Even when we sat down at the table, there would still be a long wait for the food to be prepared. So since we had time this evening, and since there were empty tables around, we decided to just drop by!

This little shop used to be at Yio Chu Kang Road but has shifted to this little neighbourhood near us a few years back. There are <10 tables inside and the seating capacity is extremely small. And the chef and his wife insist to only cook when order, even with the more intricate dishes, so there is always a long wait for the food to be served. And they cook in batches. So if you order for example, Xiao Long Bao with the other tables, then it will be served together. But if the rest ordered XLB and you ordered something else, then it will be a long wait.

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