Cafe Hopping Series: Flee Away Cafe @Dunlop Street

Let's Flee Away!

Let’s Flee Away!

Bright and cheery!

Bright and cheery!

Today we were going cafe hopping with Ms JY!

First stop was to Flee Away Cafe for brunch/lunch. Initially we were worried that it might be crowded, but our worries were unfounded – only another table was occupied when we arrived around 12:45pm.

Full of interesting stuff!

Full of interesting stuff!

We simply loved the decorations of this cafe!

Filled with little toys from the 1960s-1980s; it really brought back memories! The holding area for water, sugar, etc was actually the top of a TV console; the older kind where one could pull the “doors” to keep the TV inside, safe from dust! Some of the tables were transformed from the old sewing machines too 🙂

There were also 12 “cubes” available for rent, where one can put things inside for sale, making this place have a little feel of a mini bazaar.

Knowing that we were going to be hopping around, the 3 of us decided to share a Le Char with Laksa fillings and Beef Hash Pie Tee; it was Earl Grey tea for the ladies and cafe latte for the gentleman.

Not memorable coffee

Not memorable coffee

The drinks were the first to arrive. Served in the traditional small cups that one could find in coffee shops and 3 “merlion” cookies, it was quite in line with the theme but unfortunately, the tea ($4) was the Dalimah tea dust sort 😦 Disappointed! Well, KFC sells Dilmah with a scone for $2. I dumped the tea bag into the tiny cup and added hot water so that it would be stronger. JY was more “delicately mannered”, putting the tea bag in her pot of hot water… Hehe. The cafe latte was not very memorable as well.

The pie tee was interesting! Served with corned beef and diced onions, it was quite a delicious combination! However, I found the pie tee to be very oily. Hubby said that was because it was deep fried, but really, I think it was the most oily version that I had ever eaten…

The Le Char was was quite delicious though! A huge you tiao (dough fritter that is usually deep fried, but we suspected that this might be a baked version) was in place of the bun and the laksa fillings were quite flavourful! It was not oily but yet quite crispy, and we all enjoyed this dish!

Beef Hash Pie Tee

Beef Hash Pie Tee

Le Char with Laksa

Le Char with Laksa

Since we spent more than $40, we also got a free top up of $30 credit for the Sugar app. Thought that we could use it immediately but we 3 didn’t really know how to use the app 😦 shucks! Never mind, I’m sure we will be meeting JY for more cafe hopping soon enough 🙂

Note: Ah… G didn’t join us because he was at home sick… But don’t worry, we will go cafe hopping together when you have fully recovered!! Meanwhile be good and rest well!


  • Location: 70 Dunlop Street S(209398)
  • Hrs: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Thu), 11am – 10pm (Fri-Sat), 10am – 5pm (Sun)
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