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Tolido’s Espresso Nook @Crawford Lane

2017-06-24 10.19.41We were in the area to collect hubby’s passport and the queue at Tai Hwa looked scary 😮

A quick Google Search showed a promising cafe nearby and we decided to check it out instead.

2017-06-24 10.21.59A nice cosy little cafe, it started to get really busy at around 10:30am. Luckily, we stepped in just a few minutes earlier, and were able to get our seats and place our orders quickly.

  • Sea salt spiced Chai latte ($6.50 nett) : After the initial light saltiness, the first sip was actually quite sweet and milky, before the spice settled in and started swirling all over. I liked the layers of taste!
  • Skinny latte ($5.50): With beans from Yahava, hubby is a happy man. He felt that this was a slightly watered down version of the one he usually has at Yahava, but still pretty good 🙂
  • The ultimate combo ($12): Perfect for sharing as we wanted a light bite, the 2 pancakes were fluffy and quite light.  The cheese sausage was awesome and really cheesy, without being overly salty.

Wi-Fi and water is available for free. Also,  there was a cute cat inside cafe!


  • Location: 462 Crawford Lane #01-63 S(190462)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 8am – 6:30pm (Tue-Fri), 9am – 6:30pm (Sat-Sun)
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​Winstons Coffee @Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

2016-12-08 16.53.13After roaming around the entire night and morning (and eating our way through), we took a much-needed afternoon nap after checking-in to our hotel before coming out in search of some caffeine.

Winstons Coffee was one of the options that appeared on Google Maps, and we were glad we came to this quaint little cafe near our hotel.

The skinny Flat White (HK$35) was strong and very bitter, and hubby definitely felt more awake after drinking it.

The Chai Latte (HK$38) had a good balance of spice and milk, very soothing but I could still enjoy the spice; totally loving this drink 🙂

Both drinks came with a generous slice of delicious biscotti too! And water and WiFi are available for free.


  • Location: 西環西營盤皇后大道西213號地下4號 Shop 4, G/F, 213 Queens Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Western District (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Sai Ying Pun Station 港島綫西營盤站 (Take Exit A1 and walk 1 mins)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 7am – 7pm
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​bills @Darlinghurst, Sydney

2016-08-20-08-44-19We woke up bright and early and took a morning stroll to bills (because so many people kept recommending it)!

This location at Darlinghurst was where it all began in 1993 when Bill Granger, at the age of 24 dropped out of art school and opened his first restaurant.  It quickly became famous for the best scrambled eggs and ricotta hotcakes in town, served at the now much-copied communal table where locals and visitors, families and celebrities sit down to eat together and thrive on the buzzing atmosphere. (from bill’s website)

We reached here before 9am on this lovely Saturday, and it was not very crowded yet. Actually, my cousin had recommended scrambled eggs here, but we totally forgot about it and went on to have our priciest breakfast of the trip.

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​Hardware Société @Hardware Street, Melbourne


We slept in today because we had a long day yesterday and met up for brunch at this (becoming) very popular cafe. We read that there’s a perpetual long queue here and it would be best to come early.

Luckily, it was a weekday morning, so we only had to queue for a short 15 minutes.

The cafe was not big with only about 4-5 tables on the inside and another 4-5 tables outside. We were assigned the alfresco seats and fortunately there were heaters around and it didn’t felt that cold but we had to keep our jackets on. 🙂

Everything looked good (while we were queueing and observing other people’s plates 🙂 ), but we had limited stomach spaces, so we could only try:

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Selfish Gene Cafe @Craig Road

It was such a hot afternoon and we were really melting while checking out the Keong Siak Carnival!

Taking a breather, we popped into the nearby Selfish Gene Cafe for an icy escape!

Cafes along this stretch of Craig Rd, and Tanjong Pagar area closes quite early during the day so although we had walked past this cafe a few times, we had not had any opportunity to try it out. Until today!

Got ourselves a Iced Cafe Latte ($6 nett), and a Iced Chai Tea Latte ($6) to beat the heat.

The coffee was strong and slightly acidic, while the tea was milky and abit on the sweet side, with a lovely hint of spices.

And so we just sat here and chilled till we were ready to face the heat again!


  • Location: 40 Craig Rd S(089678)
  • Hrs: 10am – 3pm (Mon), 10am – 5pm (Wed-Fri), 9:30am – 5pm (Sat-Sun)
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Curious Palette @Prinsep Street

Mr G recommended this place, so we strolled past while making our way to the National Museum of Singapore. Oooh, there were still some seats available! So we went in for more caffeine 😛

Hubby could not resist the waffle, and so we got one to share 🙂

  • Piccolo Latte ($4++): Strong and smooth
  • Home-made Seven Spiced Chai Latte ($5.90++): The name was really promising, but the taste was a let down 😦 There was barely a hint of any spice *sigh*
  • Waffle with Yogurt and Fresh Fruits ($12.50++): This place is opened by the same owner as Strangers Reunion (which we just discovered), so the food was essentially the same…. As we realised when the waffle came looking exactly like the one we had previously, haha! At least it is consistently good 🙂

Water was free and by the bottle at each table.


  • Location: 64 Prinsep Street S(188667)
  • Hrs: 9am – 10pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu), 9am – 12am (Fri-Sat)
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Workbench Bistro @AMK

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

G has recently shared his Wunderlist of to-try-food with us, and now, we don’t need to Google so much to find food to eat 😛

Anyway, we decided to come to The Workbench because we saw that waffles are sold here! So we had…

  • Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($8.20): We loved this! The waffle had a pleasing buttery fragrance and was very crispy on the outside! The salted caramel ice cream was very flavourful and we loved the generous amount of almond bits; we were eating almonds every mouthful 🙂
  • Iced Latte ($5.50): It was just alright…
  • Hot Chai ($4.50): Too sweet 😦 Could hardly taste the chai.

Prices are nett, so very reasonable. Water is free and self-service. We will come back for the waffles 🙂


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The Clueless Goat @Goldhill Centre

We are not clueless!

We are not clueless!

We had thought about coming here for quite a while (it opened in Feb 2015), but somehow, we were always distracted by other food options in the area, and also a bit apprehensive if a cafe who calls itself clueless, has any clue about making good food and drinks? But here we were today!

This is a simple setup much like other cafes, with simple tables and chairs, ordering and payment at the counter, eat and go type of cafe. The interior is brightly lit and roomy enough to not give a ‘pressurizing’ feel. Overall a very homely feel and we enjoyed the ambience very much.

Our first thoughts were that the prices were very reasonable in this location, and there was no GST or service charge. Small wonder that it was fully packed!

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Ollie Cafe @Orchard

After a satisfying dinner, it was time for drinks! We decided to try out this small little cafe at Orchard Gateway. We were promptly seated and served with iced water, good service for a change!

Not a real carrot but a real cake

Not a real carrot but a real cake

I had the Chocolate Chip Chai ($6.80), while hubby had the Carrot Cake with Flat White set ($9.90, carrot cake/cheesecake/flourless chocolate cake with choice of coffee, 3pm to 9pm).

The tea smelt chocolatey but definitely tasted like a light Chai tea, haha! Hubby was quite satisfied with his flat white, despite the lack of beautiful latte art, as it was quite aromatic, smooth with a slight nutty taste. The cake was cute with a icing carrot right at the top, but the taste was so-so, we much preferred the drinks 🙂

The iced water was topped up regularly by the staff, which we really appreciated! This is a nice corner stop for tired shoppers to take a break and watch other busy shoppers busy by!


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SACRED Cafe @13 Ganton Street

Popular cafe

Popular cafe

We were quite tired today, having spent the last few nights chasing northern lights and taking a late flight back to London, so today was supposed to be a chill out day.

We continued to roam around after lunch, checking out some shops in the Soho area, and then we saw SACRED Cafe, which is a New Zealand style artisan coffee bar, in front of us. It looked popular, so we headed in… Haha!

This is a cosy place which has both indoor and alfresco areas (which also meant smoker-friendly :(). It has piped-in music and free wifi so you can see people with a laptop and a latte occupying tables around.

We also saw stairs leading downstairs so we were guessing there is also basement seating, or it may just be a toilet. 🙂

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