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Japan Rail Cafe @Tanjong Pagar

We visited the Japan Rail Cafe in December 2016, and had return a few more times ever since!

This place aims to be a one-stop station, where customers can enjoy not only food and drinks (with monthly specials focusing on selected regions in Japan), but also do some quick shopping at the small retail section, as well as obtain travel information and purchase Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) at the Rail Pass Counter.

It was particularly interesting to revisit, because of the monthly changes (Dec 2016 was on the Tohoku region), and we also enjoyed reading about the various Japan regions in the newsletter, that also served as a menu.

Free WiFi was also available, so we could do some quick browsing on the spot whenever we found something of interest, and wanted to find out more.

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​Candlenut @Dorsett Residences

2016-07-25 20.33.14Yet another day ended with a late meeting nearby, and hubby went to la kopi at Roosevelt’s Diner  Bar while waiting for me. While I could find the correct MRT exit to Dorsett Hotel, I couldn’t find the cafe.. *faintz*

So hubby came to look for me, and Candlenut, who has just won a star in 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore, was just right there! There appeared to be some available seats close to 8.30pm, so we decided to try our luck and walked in without reservations 🙂

They were serving a unique Peranakan tasting ‘ah-ma-kase’ menu of inspired Peranakan cuisine at $68++ per pax, with a choice for dessert out of 5 options. We were not fans of sweet desserts, and I did not particularly like kuehs, so it was tough to choose!

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Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant @M Hotel

Hokkaido Sushi had recently started a promotion for their Ala-Carte Buffet ($43++ per pax), and we decided to have our dinner here!

2016-06-13 19.13.58.jpg

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Sakari Sushi @Tanjong Pagar

2016-05-28 21.56.11

It had been a while since we last visited Sakari Sushi, and we had originally planned for a light dinner… BUT it ended up lasting 4 hours 😮

It was just really pleasant to slowly enjoy our food, and to enjoy the conversation with the chef!

We had our usual favourite seats at the corner of the sushi counter where we can watch (and take pictures) of the chef. Of course, JY decided to come join us midway and we had a blast!

Today, it was Chef Hong-san helming the sushi counter while Chef Paul-san took a breather 🙂

We didn’t realized we ate so much… But here’s what we had… 😛

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Selfish Gene Cafe @Craig Road

It was such a hot afternoon and we were really melting while checking out the Keong Siak Carnival!

Taking a breather, we popped into the nearby Selfish Gene Cafe for an icy escape!

Cafes along this stretch of Craig Rd, and Tanjong Pagar area closes quite early during the day so although we had walked past this cafe a few times, we had not had any opportunity to try it out. Until today!

Got ourselves a Iced Cafe Latte ($6 nett), and a Iced Chai Tea Latte ($6) to beat the heat.

The coffee was strong and slightly acidic, while the tea was milky and abit on the sweet side, with a lovely hint of spices.

And so we just sat here and chilled till we were ready to face the heat again!


  • Location: 40 Craig Rd S(089678)
  • Hrs: 10am – 3pm (Mon), 10am – 5pm (Wed-Fri), 9:30am – 5pm (Sat-Sun)
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Teppei Restaurant @Orchid Hotel

2016-03-02 22.17.38We finally set foot on the legendary Teppei Restaurant, where the current reservation queue is half a year!

Hubby was following Teppei’s Facebook page for any last minute cancellations, and it appeared that we were always missing that little bit of luck. But our chance came on one fine day in Dec 2015 where Teppei opened up a few slots at the same time for the next few months. Without missing a bit, hubby messaged and secured two seats for the 8:30pm session on 2 Mar 2016!

After a not-so-long wait of 3 months, we arrived at the restaurant full of expectations, and saw that the 6:30pm session people were just finishing their dessert and taking their leave.

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The Populus Coffee & Food Co. @Neil Road

2016-01-21 19.37.25

Wifey was at a meeting nearby so we decided to drop by The Populus for dinner. We had walked past on Tuesday but it was closed. We had wanted to try out this place since it opened in Oct 2015 but had not been able to. Lucky for us, it was a Thursday today and they closed at 10:30pm!

The Populus is just a few shops away from The Lokal along the same Neil Road. It has quite a large seating area with a simple, modern deco. Warm lights on a high ceiling creates a homely atmosphere where friends can just gather and chit-chat over food and coffee.

Plain water is self-serviced and they accept credit card payments for totals above $50, which is quite steep in my opinion. Lower than that, you can pay by cash or NETS.
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Tendon Ginza Itsuki @Tanjong Pagar

2015-10-24 18.42.23We finally tried it!!

On this not-too-particularly-hungry early evening, we figured that we could probably withstand a bit of queuing 😛 The queue started from around the corner of the shop (it’s located at the end of the building) to almost the end of the building wall when we arrived, only about 30 minutes into dinner service. The shop was very socially responsible and put up the PSI level at the start of the queue to remind customers on the haze situation.

Some time into the queue, a waiter came out and asked for the number of persons in our party, and to take our orders. We couldn’t really remember how long we took to queue for seats. Maybe around 30-45 minutes, judging from the timestamp of our photos. 🙂

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Just Want Coffee @Everton Park

We popped over to Just Want Coffee for coffee, as we had read good reviews online 🙂

Hubby tried Ethopia ($7 nett), which had a soft citrus acidity, sweet Jasmine body, with aromatic mango tea finish (according to the menu), and I decided on a Tiramisu ($7).

The coffee indeed had lovely citrus notes to it, and it was very aromatic! The aftertaste swirled inside our mouths, and it was absolutely delightful!

The Tiramisu had a “high rum content” warning in the menu, and it truly lived up to its warning. Served freezing cold, it was yummylicious!! Super high!!!

There was free WiFi available, and an air purifier right by the entrance, so we hid here away as the PSI index continued to climb… There was also a collection of books here, and I read the very funny The Three Little Pigs Lah (favourite Singlish tales) peppered with Singlish all over!

Note: Only cash payment are accepted here at both places. You can help yourselves to the jugs of water at the station next to cashier counter.


  • Location: 1 Everton Park #01-27 S(081001)
  • Hrs: 8.30am – 6.30pm (Mon-Thu), 9am – 8.30pm (Fri-Sat), 10am – 6pm (Sun)
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Batterworks Bakery & Cafe @Everton Park

[UPDATE: Batterworks has ceased operation at Everton Park wef 18 Oct 2015]

Super loooong weekend is here, and we went on a staycation in our sunny island amidst all the haze!

This was our first stop of the day and we were the first customers at Batterworks! We started our day with:

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