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Day trip to Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

IMG20180118144347So, Ms. T heard all about our funny road trip to Johor Bahru the last time, and she wanted to join in the fun.

We decided to make another trip in before Lunar New Year, before the crowds descend into Johor Bahru for Lunar New Year shopping. This time, we would explore more of Skudai area.

Ms. T was like, “So we meet around 10am and go JB for lunch?”… And was quite stunned when we said we should be having our second meal by 10am *LOL just kidding*

We met up at 8am, and the jam wasn’t too bad… so we managed to cover quite a few things today 🙂

Our itinerary:

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Day Trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia


AEON Tebrau City

After our maiden trip together to Johor Bahru using public transport, Ms. K volunteered to drive in so that we could explore further places 🙂

Our itinerary for the day:

It was a hilarious trip, as we kept missing exits and kept finding ourselves doing unexpected u-turns on the expressways (isn’t it expensive to build flyover u-turns?), or hubby as navigator said to turn left, and Ms. K immediately turned right. My contribution in the car was… Endless laughter, LOL!

Still, being a relaxed trip, we had a lot of fun getting lost and seeing different parts of Johor Bahru 🙂 And yes, we plan to drive in again!

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Taiwan 2017 Itinerary

IMG_4638Taiwan remains as our favourite short-trip destination!

Despite the slightly more expensive and longer flight as compared to Hong Kong, food and entertainment are definitely much more affordable in Taiwan, and I supposed it helps that we know the language.

We tried to do some different thing every trip, but we also love to revisit old places that brings fond memories to us as a couple… 🙂

Like the picture of 九份 Jiufen on the top banner, a place we love going back to, especially to sip tea on the balcony! Haha…

Here’s what we did in the short 4 days.

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Hong Kong 2017

img_4437A Jetstar promo got us packing for a short trip to Hong Kong 🙂

The 10am flight meant that we could have some proper rest before going to the airport for a hearty breakfast. Since it was yet another chillax trip, we actually re-visited some of our favourite places.

And thanks (but no thanks) to typhoon, we actually had to stay in the hotel on the 2nd last day and had afternoon tea in the hotel, and spam ancient Hong Kong movies in bed! First time we encountered typhoon no 8 in Hong Kong!

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Day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia by Public Transport


Despite being so near to Johor Bahru, hubby and I had never venture there together before, firstly because of the fear of weekend crowds, and secondly, we always thought that we would need a car to travel within JB. However, for some unknown reasons, people around us had been talking about JB recently, and encouraging us to go on a weekday. So when Ms. K suggested going to JB together via public transport and exploring the area within walking distance of City Square, we readily agreed!

Here was our day trip itinerary:


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한국 South Korea 韓國 Itinerary 2017

IMG_2009We were all very interested in seeing cherry blossoms, and while hubby had seen the beautiful blooms many years ago in Japan, the rest of us have only seen them online and on TV shows. Initially, we intended to fly into Japan first before travelling to South Korea (the flowers started blooming earlier in certain parts of Japan, and the variety of flowers were different), but the exorbitant air fares made us decide to go for a less ambitious trip 😛

We read about the largest cherry blossom festival in 진해 Jinhae 镇海, and decided that we would focus on 부산 Busan 釜山, and 서울 Seoul 首爾, while keeping things flexible in Busan so that we could go for a day trip to Jinhae, when the cherry trees were in full bloom.

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Hong Kong 2016 Itinerary

2016-12-13 15.18.26We had initially planned to visit Hong Kong in May for the Cheung Chau Bao Festival, but unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip at the last minute. 😦

Nonetheless, we found time (and excuse) to visit Hong Kong in December 😀

In order to eat more, we had to burn more calories, so this was a trip which we walked a lot in between destinations (Hong Kong Island is filled with steps and slopes, our poor knees!).

We also took tram and ferry rides quite often during this trip, which can be a cheaper alternative than the MTR sometimes.

Our 6 days itinerary were as followed:

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Taipei Nov 2016 Itinerary

2016-10-31-08-30-54This was our second trip to 台北 Taipei this year!

There was a SQ promotion going on and we got our tickets at S$518 per pax for this trip. As we were bringing my parents, and it was dad’s first trip to Taiwan, we figured that a slow-paced itinerary in Taipei would be quite ideal.

We decided to stay in 西門町 Ximending area this time, instead of 台北車站Taipei Main Station, because

  • We would not be travelling out of 台北 Taipei this time.
  • We would be making frequent trips back to hotel to rest, and there were plenty to eat and shop in 西門町 Ximending area till late so there would always be stuff to do near the hotel.
  • We also found 丰居旅店  西門館 Via Hotel Ximen, which provided all-day snacks and drinks at level 2, so we could literally just stay in the hotel all day if we were really too tired to go anywhere. We tended to snack a bit in the hotel first before going out. We ended up spending quite a fair bit of time at this common seating area, since we sometimes dabao-ed food back to eat with our parents. (See review at Tripadvisor)
  • 西門町 Ximending is quite a convenient and centralised area to stay with Green and Blue MRT lines (Lines 3 and 5 捷運西門站 Ximen Station), making it easy for travelling within Taipei.
  • We had never actually explore 西門町 Ximending much in all our previous trips, perhaps except during our very first trip to Taiwan back in 2009. So we would have something new to try out as well.

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Beijing 2016 Itinerary

2016-10-26-08-36-45-1We had only been to China when we went as a family with hubby’s parents, brothers, sister-in-laws and niece to visit their relatives in Xiamen. There wasn’t much touristy things that we did except to eat and eat and eat with his relatives.

So we wanted to go China as a tourist for the longest time and hubby said that the starting point of visiting China has to be Beijing.

We were glad that we were able to find a good slot this year to finally fulfil our wish of climbing The Great Wall, tour the Palace Museum and eating Peking Duck!

After my initial blurness thinking that our flight was 10.30am instead of 8.30am, we still made it in good time to collect our Changi Recommends WiFi router, grabbed breakfast at Heavenly Wang, and boarded the plane in time. We liked being on the upper deck of A380! It felt like lesser passengers, and we had great service from the air steward and stewardess 🙂

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Sydney Itinerary 2016

2016-08-22 09.04.59

We finally made it to Australia!

This was our mostly unplanned itinerary for our recent trip to Melbourne and Sydney, as our main aim was to visit our friends in the 2 cities.

Each day, we would google for what looked interesting. Some days, a spur-of-the-moment thought or a sudden craving might make us decide to walk 30 minutes to go in search of it.

The weather in Sydney was way better than in Melbourne where daily temperatures could go up to 22 degrees. We didn’t have to wear our thick jackets at all in Sydney.

Our serviced apartment at Meriton Serviced Apartment Campbell was also way better than the Airbnb in Melbourne but of course, it cost a lot more too. 🙂 We do highly recommend it if your budget allows. 🙂

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