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Long weekend trip to Melaka, Malaysia

IMG_4252Time to hitch a ride with Dr. K to Melaka!

This time, we decided we would run some errands and venture further too. Our itinerary for the 4 days is here!

Day 1

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Japan 2019

IMG_3303Our niece had started her university studies in 京都 Kyoto, Japan, and we decided to go over for a visit during our holidays 🙂 Despite the typhoon midway during the trip, we still had a great time! Here was what we did:

Day 1

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Half Day Trip to 貴船 Kibune and 鞍馬 Kurama

IMG_3185The weather turned out better than expected, and we decided to go ahead with the hike from 貴船 Kibune to 鞍馬 Kurama as planned.

We headed for breakfast at a Happiness Cafe nearby at 7:30am, and caught the 8:30am subway to Kyoto station. It was crowded at Kyoto Station and we had to squeeze into our connecting train. The crowd-at-door syndrome was not unique to Singapore 😅

At 出町柳駅 Demachiyanagi Station, we purchased a ¥1800 discount ticket (Train – Hot Spring All in One Pass 貴船鞍馬散策チケット) each that would allow us a return trip to 貴船/鞍馬 Kibune/Kurama (usual ¥860) , plus the entrance fee to the 鞍馬寺 Kurama Temple (usual ¥300), and entrance fee to くらま温泉 Kurama Outdoor Onsen (usual ¥1000).

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Weekend Trip to Melaka, Malaysia

IMG_1113Dr. K was going back to Melaka over the weekend and we decided to hitch a ride 🙂 Just like the previous trip, we thought to explore another city while en-route to Malacca.

We set off from Singapore on Saturday and visited Breakfast in Johor Bahru at 榕树下粿条仔 Restoran Rong Shu Xia first before having a pit stop at Yong Peng 永平 and visited 永兴福州饼面厂 Eng Hin Kedai Membuat Kuih-Muih and 元延原创永平正宗西刀鱼圓 Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House.

The rest of the day was spent at Melaka where we went to

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China Trip 2019

IMG_0461We woke up bright and early at 5am, and GoJek-ed to the airport, reaching way ahead of time to check out the Harry Potter set-up at Terminal 3, and to have breakfast. This time, we tried The Green Market at Terminal 2. Food was pretty decent! There was a Harry Potter exhibition at the airport, so we had fun taking some selfies before the flight 😛

Our flight was on time and some 300 minutes later, we arrived 😀

It took us about an hour to clear immigration and queue to get out of the airport due to the security checks. It was a 10-minute brisk walk to Terminal 1, where the 长途汽车站 Coach Station is, and where we experienced the first blast of 7 degree Celcius smoky air…Thankfully the queue at the ticket counter was very short, and we managed to grab tickets for the 4pm coach to 杭州 Hangzhou (¥115 per ticket including insurance; sales stop 2 minutes before scheduled departure). Continue reading

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Day trip to 绍兴 Shaoxing, China

IMG_0541We had bought our train tickets (¥12.50 per adult one way) to 绍兴 Shaoxing so we did not have to rush for time this morning. Unfortunately, there was a train delay and we arrived at 绍兴 20 minutes behind schedule. The train station was a big building with no visible cab queue nearby for us to try to get a cab. Finally, we decided to pay a premium (¥15 per pax) for a private car by the driver who offered us a ride to 东湖. According to 百度 Baidu, a 10 to 15-minute cab ride would cost around ¥20.

After getting tickets (¥50 per adult + ¥85 for the boat ride) and a quick toilet break (cleanest toilet so far!), we entered 东湖 East Lake around 9.40am. As we wanted to take the 乌篷船 boat ride from the further Pier No. 2 back to Pier No. 1, we took a very leisurely 1-hour stroll to reach Pier No. 2, with many stops to take pictures and enjoy the view. There was a light drizzle throughout our stroll, and somehow it added a mysterious misty and romantic feel to the visit. Perhaps because of the rain, it was also very quiet. Continue reading

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Day trip to Johor, Malaysia

IMG_7666Today was yet another day trip to Johor filled with fun and laughter 😀

We started off late around 8.30am today, which turned out to be a good thing, because it was pouring so heavily in the morning. There was a fair bit of jam at customs, but we managed to clear it after an hour or so.

Our itinerary for the day:

Pretty relaxed, and we did spend a bit of time getting lost, but it was always so fun getting lost together 😛 Looking forward to our next trip together, Ms K and Ms T!

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Trip to Melaka 2018

IMG_7417We have furthered our explorations with Ms. K! This time, we drove all the way to Melaka 🙂 It was a short but filling trip 😛

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Taiwan 2018 Itinerary

IMG_6830We had a free and easy 5D4N trip to the southern part of Taiwan, and it all began with the 6am flight to 高雄 Kaohsiung Airport via Scoot. We had managed to get a pretty good deal for about $150 per pax without seat selection, luggage or food 🙂

Sleepy-eyed as we were awake since 2am, we were initially a bit disappointed that we were assigned the middle aisle seats in the last row, meaning that the seats could not recline 😦 We were also slightly concerned that we would take much longer to clear customs and all, given that we would be the last to alight, and we were on a rather tight timeline to try to catch the 12 noon ferry.

However, minutes before the flight was due to depart, a flight steward came by to inform us that due to an error, we were incorrectly assigned the least preferred seats which could not recline, and he would be able to shift us to another row of seats after take-off. Wow! We were very surprised by this lovely gesture, since we would have been none the wiser if he chose not to inform us. Hence, the flight had 3 very happy passengers; me who got a window seat, hubby who had 2 seats to stretch his long legs, and the passenger with us at the same row who proceeded to occupy the original 3 seats as his bed 😛

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Half day trip to 旗津 Cijin Island


Today we were hanging out within 高雄Kaohsiung, and we wanted to head out to 旗津 Cijin Island. The 10-minute ferry ride was more like drifting across the waters 😛

Once we got off the ferry, we rented a 4-seater electric bicycle (NT600 for 2 hours) to get around the island. A map was provided and all we had to do was to follow the trail and stop whenever we felt like it.

Though it was a really hot day, we could still feel the pleasant sea breeze. We took our time to stop and enjoy the scenery 🙂

Initially, it was Ms K who did the “driving”, and then halfway through, I got my chance to try, and there was no turning back, LOL! I thought it was so fun! With Ms K guiding me along, it was an easy ride. I even managed to “drive” through a particularly crowded street while trying to find our way back to the bicycle rental shop. Another cheap thrill for a non-driver 😛 Hubby might have almost fainted sitting at the back though 😛

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