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Prodigal Roasters @AMK

2016-09-11-09-18-00It was time to check out this new little cafe!

This was our third attempt to come here because we kept missing the opening hours, haha.

This place had a minimalist feel to it; its layout allowed for a table in the front, and 2 high tables at the end of the shop, with some standing space in the middle. More of a takeaway cafe, but we also enjoyed sitting at the high tables, and watch the world go by.

  • The Miso Cheese Tart ($4.50 nett) here was excellent. We never knew miso and cheese could go so well together!
  • The Paprika, Bacon, Mushroom Quiche (P.B.M.Q, $4.50) was served warmed, and it was nice! There was a little heat from the paprika, and the overall texture was quite lovely.
  • The Latte ($4) was more acidic and less milky, but the strength was just nice for hubby.
  • The Hot Chocolate ($4) was rich without being overly sweet or too heavy; I liked it 🙂

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PocoLoco @Ang Mo Kio

Today we took a short walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station to this neighbourhood restaurant for some very affordable Italian food 🙂


  • French Quail with Egg Tortino ($15 nett): One of the today’s special for appetiser, this was very delightful! The quail was de-boned, making it real easy for us to eat. Pan-fried skin was crispy, and the meat was tender. The egg tortino was soft and abit like custard, and hubby likened it to a hard version of chawanmushi. Hahahaha, it was quite delicious and had a lovely truffle aroma to it. Pity that they forgot to remove the top layer of paper, which they were really shocked when we discovered it; we were too, for they had drizzled balsamic vinegar on it! Other than this little blip, this dish was good.
  • Capesante ($12): This was one of the 3 chef’s recommendations for appetiser. The 2 baked scallops were fresh, but perhaps their thunder were stolen by the capsicum puree with flavoured butter and cheese in this dish.
  • Pan Fried Pork Milanese ($22): Today’s special, and our favourite. This breaded pork fillet had a good balance of meat and fats. Very succulent and addictive. Perfect for sharing! The potatoes by the side were delicious too.
  • Nero ($12): We are unable to resist ordering squid ink pasta 😛 It was actually a pretty good plate of pasta, with the spaghetti done just right, but the rest of the food we tried were just better. Is it normal that we always inevitably ended up fighting with the membrane of the squid whenever we order this dish? Made it a bit tough to eat. We missed the squid from yesterday… Haha 😛
  • Tiramisu ($6): We almost did not order it, but the pictures look oh-so-good, and we were glad that we tried it! The generous amount of mascarpone cream made it look like melted ice cream, and we liked the overall texture and the balanced taste of this lightly-sweetened dessert.

Service in general was pleasant and friendly.

Note: They do not serve water, so it was $2 Dasani distilled water by the bottle. Considering that prices were nett, and the food portions were actually pretty decent, plus the food was good mostly delicious, we do consider this a value-for-money dinner, and a gem in this neighbourhood. 🙂


  • Location: 408 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-779 S(560408)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
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Lao San Kway Chap 老三粿汁 @Ang Mo Kio

2016-06-04 09.57.12-1Being the start of school holidays, we figured that the queue today at Lao San Kway Chap would be relatively shorter, so that was where we were headed for breakfast!

At 9.40am, there was just 4 customers ahead of us 🙂 Actually, this place is called 老三粿汁.猪什湯 Lao San Kway Chap & Pig’s Organ Soup, but we did not see anyone order any soup throughout our meal.

We ordered 大肠头, 大肠, 粉肠 (3 types of large and small intestines/offals), 三层肉 Pork Belly, 豆干 Beancurd, 菜尾 Preserved Vegetables and 2 small bowls of 粿 Kway (broad rice sheets) for $17.20.

This was a more mild version of kway chap as compared to some of the heavily salted versions. The braised offals were very well-cleaned, which sometimes is a really rare find, for the cleaning process is very tedious. They were all tender and chewy, and mildly salty with a light sweetness, similar to the broth of the kway. The pork belly was tender too. The beancurd and preserved vegetables complemented the offals well, and we like that the preserved vegetables was not overly salty; in fact, it was sweet and salty. The rice sheets were firm and chewy, and we liked the broth too.

While we were enjoying our food, the queue grew to the width of the coffee shop space 😮 Do come earlier to avoid the crowd!


  • Location: Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1222 S(560232)
  • Hrs: 6am – 3pm (close on Mon), 10:30am – 12am (Fri-Sat)
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Murphy’s @AMK

imageAnother cafe in the heartlands with non-oily batter Fish and Chips as its signature.

2016-01-03 14.07.34Well, we were here for tea break (though everyone else appeared to be having lunch at 3pm).

  • Nymph of the Nile ($5): Organic white peony tea with Persian pink rose and Egyptian basil, I like the lightness and flora tones of this Gryphon tea 🙂
  • Latte ($5): A nice cup of coffee of moderate strength and mild acidity.
  • Summer Berry Yoghurt Tart ($6.50): The thin layer of chocolate at the base helped to balance the tartness of the berries. Not too bad, but the sponge layer was a bit too dry.

We liked the ambience of this little cafe, and spent the hour or so theorising who might be the parents of Rey… Hahaha!

Note: Water is freely available by the side, and there is no service charge or GST.

  • Location: 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2459 S(560532)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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Twenty Grammes @AMK

We were in this area to see our GP (who is very good, but the queue is always super long queue…), and to our horror, the wet market and food centre was closed for renovations! So we had to walk around the area to hunt for food, and were happy to discover this relatively new cafe that was relatively empty 😀

Twenty Grammes has a main branch in North Bridge Road (which we had wanted to try but have not had the chance to), and this AMK branch just opened its doors in Oct 2015!

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Canto Paradise 樂天小香港 @AMKHub (again)

We were back again because of the Groupon offer, and so was the rest of the world 😛

Luckily we were there around 7pm, so it was a short 10 minutes wait. The queue just kept growing after that. This time, we tried the following:

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Double Scoops @AMK

Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Waffle for lunch, anyone?

We came to check out this place, as it was in G’s Wunderlist of places with potential good food, and because the Sugar app pointed out this place 😛

A simple little cafe, with baby breaths and forget-me-nots decorating every table, lifting our moods up 🙂

We had a Flat White ($4), and a Waffle with Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream ($6.80 + $0.50 for premium scoop). Iced water is freely available.

The ice cream was smooth and delicious! The waffle was more disappointing, as it was neither crispy nor fluffy, with some bits slightly under-cooked. Also, they had forgotten our request for the maple syrup to be by the side 😦 The coffee was alright.

As we chilled here for the next hour or so, we saw quite a few customers coming by for ice cream, so looks like ice cream is the main draw here. Gotta try the orh nee ice cream next time!


  • Location: 226A Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-627 S(561226)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Thu), 11am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sat), 10:30am – 10pm (Sun)
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源味手工笋粿 @AMK Blk 226 Eating House

Koo Cai Kueh

Koo Cai Kueh

We were looking for nibbles and recalled that we didn’t quite manage to eat here the last round, as everything was sold out! Since we were quite early today, we decided to try! And erm, we were told that it would be a 30 minute wait because all they were still making the kuehs!

Actually, it was a 20 minute wait, because we saw a queue suddenly forming. The stall people recognised hubby and quickly gave him the food! And so we had Soon Kueh ($0.90 for the turnip version, and $1.10 for the bamboo shoot version), Koo Cai Kueh ($0.80), and Orh Kueh, aka Yam Cake ($1.10).

Hubby actually wanted to try the bamboo shoot version of soon kueh, but unfortunately, they took the incorrect order. However, the slightly spicy turnip version was also very good! We loved the chewy texture of the skins for all the kuehs, and with the fillings still warm and fragrant, we wiped out all the kuehs within minutes!


  • Location: 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 S(560226)
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Workbench Bistro @AMK

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

G has recently shared his Wunderlist of to-try-food with us, and now, we don’t need to Google so much to find food to eat 😛

Anyway, we decided to come to The Workbench because we saw that waffles are sold here! So we had…

  • Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($8.20): We loved this! The waffle had a pleasing buttery fragrance and was very crispy on the outside! The salted caramel ice cream was very flavourful and we loved the generous amount of almond bits; we were eating almonds every mouthful 🙂
  • Iced Latte ($5.50): It was just alright…
  • Hot Chai ($4.50): Too sweet 😦 Could hardly taste the chai.

Prices are nett, so very reasonable. Water is free and self-service. We will come back for the waffles 🙂


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謝記 Hong Kong Dessert @Jubilee Square

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Beef with Melted Cheese

Beef with Melted Cheese

Located at a corner of Jubilee Square, this is a cosy little halal eatery that is rather popular. It started with just desserts alone (if my memory did not fail me) but now is also serving mains and dim sum! Somehow it managed to pack around 30 seats within such a small space, really reminding us of Hong Kong! We decided to try a couple of items.

  • 芝味牛柳脆 Beef with Melted Cheese ($4.30): The mozzarella cheese within the minced meat with onions was really stretchy! The slightly burnt bits actually enhanced the taste. Overall, it was quite flavourful, but a bit too oily.
  • 南北杏雪耳炖椰子 Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus ($5.50): Supposed to “cleanse the intestines, promotes body nourishment, cools the body system and dissipates heat”, we thought we needed this post trip, haha! Not overly sweet, this hot dessert was deliciously soothing! The coconut flesh came off easily and was very tender, loved it! The white fungus could have been slightly softer though.

  • Location: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-02 Jubilee Square S(569814)
  • Hrs: 11am – 11pm
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