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東港華橋市場 Donggang Seafood Market @ Kaoshiung, Taiwan

IMG20180713121557Once we arrived at 東港 Donggang from 小琉球 Xiao Liu Qiu Island, we went to explore the 東港華橋市場 Donggang Seafood Market. While we had read online that the Donggang Seafood Market was closed on Fridays, at least half the stalls were opened when we were there, including some stalls selling raw chicken and fish.

There were plenty of stalls selling sashimi and seafood, so we picked one that appeared to slice their fish only upon orders. The sashimi was fresh, and we particularly enjoyed the toro and swordfish. The normal tuna was not bad too. We have had better salmon before, and would recommend that instead of ordering the generic Moriawase Mixed Platter (we paid NT500 for our platter), just pick the fish marked as signature, or the seasonal specials.

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德基純手工水餃 De Ji Handmade Dumpling @ Keelung

In between snacking at 基隆廟口夜市 Keelung Miao Kou Night Market, we decided to walk out to explore the nearby area while we waited for Mr J to arrive.

It was by pure chance that we walked by 仁愛市場 Ren Ai Market and saw some lights, which led us to go into the building to check it out. Being night time, most of the shops were closed, but there was this brightly-lit 德基純手工水餃 De Ji Handmade Dumpling, and the colourful dumplings called out to our hearts 😛

We opted for the 三寶水餃 Mixed Trio Dumplings (NT160 for 12 pieces), which consisted of 紅寶高麗菜水餃 Cabbage Dumplings (with Red Yeast skin), 翡翠韭菜水餃 Chives Dumplings (with Green Spinach skin), and 黃金蝦仁水餃 Prawn Dumplings (with Yellow Pumpkin skin). It was worth noting that the stall indicated that they do not use colouring or preservatives, and these colourful skins and fillings were made from fresh ingredients.

The dumplings were awesome! Plump and juicy, the generous fillings were tasty and fresh. We loved the texture of the skin too 🙂


  • Location: 基隆市愛一路8號 仁愛市場二樓)Ren Ai Market Second Floor, No. 8, Aiyi Road, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, Taiwan (Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 9am – 8pm (Wed to Mon) (Closed on Tue)
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One day in 大阪 Osaka, Japan

IMG20170902134333We are back in Japan!

This trip happened because the promotion for 15% off Krisflyer miles for online redemption was ending (boo SQ!), and we wanted to use up our miles (and the discount) 😛

When we started our planning, we had great ambition to cover lots of places, so we decided to fly in to Osaka and fly out from Fukuoka. And to travel leisurely in between so as to cover the whole stretch of Wakayama, Shikoku, Kyushu and not have to backtrack in order to fly back. But as the planning went, we thought we were too ambitious and reduced our ambitions to just Kyushu. 😛

We were scheduled to fly in and reach Osaka like 9:35pm, so we had planned to quickly go through immigration and dashed to take the train to hotel. We planned to stay two nights in Osaka, and only spent 1 Saturday to explore Osaka since we had been here before.

Therefore, we went to the areas within walking distance of one another, where good food and shopping were concentrated at (as well as the crowds!).

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BIFF Square @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2318IMG20170403185535BIFF Square (which got its name from Busan International Film Festival) is just a short walk away from the 자갈치시장 Jagalchi Market 札嘎其市場.

The square has rows of shops and was meant to be a gathering place for people when they visited the annual Busan International Film Festival. Do check out the hand prints of past award-winners of the BIFF, which was similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame/Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars.

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자갈치시장 Jagalchi Market 札嘎其市場 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2310A short 10-min cab ride from 감천문화마을 Gamcheon Culture Village 甘川洞文化村 (₩3,800), we reached 자갈치시장 Jagalchi Market 札嘎其市場.

Though it was already close to 5:30pm, there were still lots of vendors hawking their stuff in the outdoor market. There were both live and dried items for sale, and it was quite an interesting walk.


We also went to the indoor market, but the fresh fish market on first level proved to be quite intimidating, with every stall trying to get our attention.

However, we decided to save our stomach space for more street eat, so we decided to head on to BIFF 광장 BIFF Square BIFF廣場 which is just a short walk away.


  • Location: 부산광역시 중구 자갈치해안로 52 (남포동4가) 52, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan 釜山廣域市中區札嘎其海岸路52 (南浦洞4街)
  • Directions: Take subway to 자갈치역 Jagalchi Station 札嘎其站 (Line 1, Station Number 110) and take Exit 7.  Head straight and take the second right turn. Continue to head straight until you come to the fish market.
  • Hrs: 5am – 10pm (closed on 1st and 3rd Tue of every month)
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해운대 Haeundae 海雲台 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2199After visiting the gorgeous 해동용궁사 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 海東龍宮寺, we decided to head to 해운대전통시장 Haeundae Traditional Market 海雲台傳統市場 for lunch. It was a 25-minute cab ride (₩9,800).

We reached before 12 noon, and the area was still quite empty. We checked out the market to see what fresh produce the locals were selling, as well as some shops selling cutesy items (socks!!!).

There were a lot of seafood eateries, and we had originally wanted to try the 곰장어 hagfish/blind eel 盲鰻, but the eateries seemed to be all empty, and we were not sure which one to choose.

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台北夜市 2016 Taipei Night Market

We revisited some of the night markets that we had been to previously, so here are some updates on the places. For reviews of our past night market trips, please see here.

南機場夜市 Nanjichang Night Market

20161030_165708_hdrBeing one of the closest night markets to Ximending area, and a more local style night market (as opposed to the touristy ones) with decent seating, we opted to bring my parents here first. There might not be many stalls, but there were a pretty decent variety of food options.

It was a short cab ride away (around NT$85 one way), and the first shop we went to was  呷臭彈蒸臭豆腐, for dad to try out some steamed stinky tofu.

We got ourselves a 小辣現蒸臭豆腐 Freshly-steamed Smelly Tofu (NT$70), a small 麻香麵 Dry Noodles with Sesame (NT$40), as well as a 桂花烏梅汁 Osmanthus Plum Juice (NT$20) to share.

Actually, we wanted to bring them to the more famous 臭老闆現蒸臭豆腐 that we went to during our previous trip, but I got confused about the 2 shops… Oops! Luckily, this one was not too bad.

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Markets in Sydney @Sydney

2016-08-19-10-06-18Most of Sydney’s markets are unlike Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market or South Melbourne Market which are fixed buildings and stalls operate from within the building and around the peripherals of the building.

Instead, most of them are temporary in nature and often make use of school compounds to stage the marketplace during weekends or designated days of the week.

Markets also differ in nature where some are dedicated to just food, like The Rocks Friday Foodie Market, others are more varied which could include fashion, accessories, art pieces of various forms (paintings, carvings, ornaments etc.), furniture, and daily tools and accessories.

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Peter’s Fish Market @Sydney Fish Market, Sydney

2016-08-19-14-15-22When we decided to visit Ms I in Sydney and began our research, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) popped up on Google Maps and I made a note that we must come and visit because we are so fond of fish markets with its fresh seafood (or markets in general, really… Haha)!

After more research, we realized that this is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and the 3rd largest fish market in the world in terms of variety. It is also a popular place with over 2.7 million visitors coming here annually.

But the most exciting part for us is SFM also includes many seafood eateries within its premises and one can buy fresh seafood to cook at home, or order them and have them cooked on the spot in various styles!

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Queen Victoria Market @Melbourne

2016-08-11-06-12-31At every city that I travelled to, I would make it a point to visit their local markets. Be it Taipei, Hong Kong, London, these are the places that fascinate me and get me excited all the time, where you can witness how the locals go about their daily living and mingle yourself in the buzzing vibes of the market.

On every trip I made to Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market or QVM is the must-go place. And during the winter months, QVM also host the Winter Night Market every Wed night for 14 weeks.

We were lucky to detour to the Winter Night Market before our expensive Japanese dinner the other day. There were fireplaces strategically located throughout the shed area and over 30 street vendors and some of Melbourne’s best designer and artisan stalls made up the lively place where people just gathered, had fun and enjoyed great food and company!

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