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Tomyum Mama @Upper Thomson

2017-02-03 16.03.30
Thai In Town re-opened as Tomyum Mama, and we decided to give it a go~

  • Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce and Mango Salad ($24.90 nett): Our favourite dish, the fish was deep fried till really crispy, and the meat was tender. The mango salad by the side gave a refreshing lift to the dish.
  • Thai Wanton Mee ($5.90): This was not bad, with generous amount of ingredients, given the price.
  • Pandan Chicken ($4.90 for 2 pieces): Ah, the sad and dry tiny little chicken chucks. Enough said. =X
  • Homemade Meat Balls ($4.90 for 8 pieces): This was surprisingly addictive despite looking rather dry on the outside. The meat balls actually had some juice in them! Do note that there was prawn in the minced meat mixture.
  • Baby Kai Lan with Mushrooms ($7.90): This was a rather salty plate of vegetables.

Drinks-wise, we tried the Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.90), and the Thai Iced Lemongrass ($2.90), which we thought were not bad, but a little on the sweet side.


  • Location: 244 Upper Thomson Rd S(574369)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Mon-Fri), 12pm – 11pm (Sat-Sun)
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​Peperoni Pizzeria @ Upper Thomson

2016-10-18-20-56-20A new pizza joint has appeared in Upper Thomson after Crust Pizza closed. Hubby was most excited to try out this place!

  • Rosticciana ($28 nett): This was a rather small rack of oven-roasted, herb-marinated baby back ribs (5 ribs), served with leafy salad and wedges. The wedges were not bad. While the baby ribs were quite tender with a sweet glaze, there was a rather overpowering pork smell that made this dish less than satisfactory.
  • Salmone ($19 for 9 inches): Fresh salmon, caramelised onions & capers as toppings, we enjoyed the thin-crust pizza very much!

I suspect we will be back here again to try out the rest of the pizza flavours 🙂


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​Garçons @Upper Thomson

2016-08-06 20.54.42We decided to check out the relatively new French restaurant at Upper Thomson (which took over Crust Pizza which was sharing the shop front with One Man Coffee) before we fly off for our 2-weeks break! 😛

Since it was quite near to closing, we decided to just try out a couple of items on the standard menu.

  • 12-hour Belly of Pork ($16.90 nett): The skin is the crispy, but sticks to your teeth type, and the meat was quite tender. We thought that they were a bit too generous with the dressing for the mesclun salad. The potato salad was quite creamy.
  • Charcuterie Platter ($14.90): Our second time trying out duck rillette. This time, it tasted less like tuna mayo, haha! We still liked it with the pickled cucumbers. The duck sausage was quite delicious. The rustic baguette was a bit too hard for our liking.

We were glad that another French restaurant has opened, since the last one had given way to bingsoo. There were actually some monthly and today specials that we intend try sometime soon 🙂

Note: Only cash and NETS accepted here. Water is available freely at the cutlery counter.


  • Location: 215R Upper Thomson Road S(574349)
  • Hrs: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
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Les Pâtisseries @Upper Thomson

2016-03-06 12.47.13Oh yes, Les Pâtisseries has shifted from Toa Payoh to Upper Thomson, replacing an ice cream palor, so it is now nearer to us!

On this scorching Sunday, we stopped by this cafe specializing in French pastries and confectioneries to grab some lunch and just wanting to nua the Sunday afternoon away in an air-con room.

Seated by the kitchen, we could see the staff churning out loads and loads of waffles in advanced, and then storing them in the fridge; guess this was in anticipation of large crowds later.

The main kitchen was quite slow probably because there were many tables to fulfill, and we had to wait more than 30 minutes for our mains. So when we finally started our lunch at 2.34pm, we were starving by then.

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Windowsill Pies @Upper Thomson

imageYet another lazy Sunday afternoon for this unfortunate couple who had been taking turns falling sick throughout the Lunar New Year period, and we did not really feel like eating much today. Thus, pies became lunch!

Located at a quiet corner behind the main Upper Thomson road (behind UOB), we were first greeted by a X’mas tree outside, followed by a huge teddy bear!

Being a corner unit, an entire wall was turned into glass, which instantly brightens up the place and provided an extended view for customers as they sat and laze the afternoon away…
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S’MORES Artisan Coffee and Creamery @Upper Thomson

We had to give the relatively new kid on the block a chance 🙂

S’MORES Artisan Coffee and Creamery opened around the same time as the Korean dessert cafe, and has a cafe shop front, and a studio behind.

We came in thinking of having waffles for lunch, but noticed that they serve all day breakfast as well, so we got ourselves a Big Brekkie ($11.90 nett) and an American Slam ($11.90 nett).

The main difference between the 2 was that the former had 2 slices of toast, while the latter had 2 small pancakes. The food was alright, but we supposed that waffles were supposed to be the main draw, judging from the posts on Instagram. And of course the ice-cream which we didn’t order because we were still sick. 😦


  • Location: 215 Upper Thomson Road S(574349)
  • Hrs: 2pm – 11pm (Mon-Thu), 2pm – 2am (Fri-Sat), 11am – 11pm (Sun)
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Nunsongyee (눈송이) Korean Dessert Cafe @Upper Thomson

imageAnother new kid on the block, Nunsongyee (눈송이) Korean Dessert Cafe has replaced Rida La Cuisine and started operations only from 26 Jan 2016. We were searching for coffee after dinner, and were almost ready to go into SMORES (another new kid on the block), when we overheard someone walking by in her group and saying that the food was just alright… And so we headed to Nunsongyee instead. Haha…

imageIt was our first time trying bingsu, and we had no idea that shaved ice could be so pricey 😮 We decided to share a Cheesecake Bingsu ($14.90) and a Cafe Latte ($5.80). We were given 2 cute pens as gift upon our order 🙂

A short wait later, our food was ready!

Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert, made up of mainly finely shaved milk ice, with a variety of toppings. The shaved ice here reminded us of grated coconut!

The cheesecake crust went quite well with the shaved ice, and was not at all sweet. There was a cup of condensed milk blend/watery condensed milk by the side, but we did not use it.

When we dug in further into the bingsu, we discovered the hidden pool of condensed milk blend inside it. The scoop of ice cream topping also added to the sweetness. The coffee was just alright, but it served to keep us warm after eating so much ice, haha!


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Five by Five @Thomson V One

2015-10-24 10.38.21We were here so many times but they always ran out of mains or waffles!!

So finally, on a fine Saturday morning, we decided to try just one last time before giving up (they can’t possible run out of mains or waffles from the morning right?)…

And this time, we managed to get seats and food 😀

We were glad that we made the effort to come here again (and again, and again…), because the food was so yummy!

In fact, we returned 4 days later for dinner 😛

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Black Sheep Cafe @Thomson V Two

This is our second visit here, and we were absolutely wow-ed by the food tonight!

We had initially wanted to go to another cafe within the same building, as the food was sold out the last time we went (after 9pm). Little did we know that no food was available at 8pm (despite the menu saying last order at 9pm). So disappointed. Guess we were not fated to go to that cafe.

Which was a good thing today, because we had a really fabulous dinner 🙂

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Chui Xiang Kitchen 醉香小厨 @Casuarina Road

The previous fishhead steamboat place had closed down, and a new air-conditioned eatery has spring up last week. This was just next to the famous zhi char, and we were glad that there was a new option! Service was quite good, as all the staff were very friendly, and the food was served very quickly… But we were the only ones eating 😛

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