Sydney Itinerary 2016

2016-08-22 09.04.59

We finally made it to Australia!

This was our mostly unplanned itinerary for our recent trip to Melbourne and Sydney, as our main aim was to visit our friends in the 2 cities.

Each day, we would google for what looked interesting. Some days, a spur-of-the-moment thought or a sudden craving might make us decide to walk 30 minutes to go in search of it.

The weather in Sydney was way better than in Melbourne where daily temperatures could go up to 22 degrees. We didn’t have to wear our thick jackets at all in Sydney.

Our serviced apartment at Meriton Serviced Apartment Campbell was also way better than the Airbnb in Melbourne but of course, it cost a lot more too. 🙂 We do highly recommend it if your budget allows. 🙂

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Markets in Sydney @Sydney

2016-08-19-10-06-18Most of Sydney’s markets are unlike Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market or South Melbourne Market which are fixed buildings and stalls operate from within the building and around the peripherals of the building.

Instead, most of them are temporary in nature and often make use of school compounds to stage the marketplace during weekends or designated days of the week.

Markets also differ in nature where some are dedicated to just food, like The Rocks Friday Foodie Market, others are more varied which could include fashion, accessories, art pieces of various forms (paintings, carvings, ornaments etc.), furniture, and daily tools and accessories.

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Peter’s Fish Market @Sydney Fish Market, Sydney

2016-08-19-14-15-22When we decided to visit Ms I in Sydney and began our research, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) popped up on Google Maps and I made a note that we must come and visit because we are so fond of fish markets with its fresh seafood (or markets in general, really… Haha)!

After more research, we realized that this is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and the 3rd largest fish market in the world in terms of variety. It is also a popular place with over 2.7 million visitors coming here annually.

But the most exciting part for us is SFM also includes many seafood eateries within its premises and one can buy fresh seafood to cook at home, or order them and have them cooked on the spot in various styles!

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​Day trip to Manly, Sydney

2016-08-21-07-58-59We woke up bright and early this Sunday morning to catch a tram at Townhall Station to Circular Quay for the 8.10am ferry to Manly.

On Sundays, it is a flat A$2.50 for all-day travel using Opal card (if you tap on and off correctly), so it will save you a bit of money if you plan your day trips on Sundays because the normal ferry ride to Manly is A$7 one-way (Opal card is not valid for the fast ferry).

Since we thought the rest of the world might be thinking the same thing, we thought that it might be a good idea to have an early start, and have our breakfast before visiting the Manly Weekend Market, which starts at 10am.

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​The Pantry Manly @Manly, Sydney

2016-08-21-08-57-14We woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning and took the ferry to Manly island so as to beat the crowd!

The Pantry Manly sits right beside the ocean and provides a unblocked view of the vastness, and the various activities happening on the beach. It was a bright and sunny day with clear blue skies and the cottage-feel of the cafe gave a very warm feeling against the chilly ocean breeze outside.

  • Baked Egg Frittata (A$19.90): This was very hearty and delicious! Not too dry, not too wet, the eggs and the prosciutto ham, parmesan cheese, rockets and artichokes made a good combination. The tomatoes were so plump and juicy! The baby potatoes were fantastic, as usual.
  • French Toast (A$22): The preserved pear and candied walnut provided a mix of textures to the French toast with cream.
  • Skinny Latte (A$): Hubby enjoyed the strong and bitter skinny latte, which was more acidic than the ones he had for the past few days.

  • Location: Ocean Promenade North Steyne, Manly NSW 2095, Australia (Google Map)
  • (Facebook)
  • Directions: Take the ferry to Manly and walk to the beach 🙂
  • Hrs: 7:30am – 10pm
  • Reservation: (02) 9977 0566
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Pho Pasteur @Haymarket, Sydney

Sydney has become such a melting pot of cultures that we are now able to find yummy food from all around the world right in Sydney itself.

Tonight after a long walking day, we picked Pho Pasteur (just before it closed for the day) based on the recommendation from Ms I, as always. 🙂


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​Well Co. Cafe @Glebe, Sydney

2016-08-20-16-18-38We needed a drink after our quick tour of Glebe Markets, and Well Co. Cafe seemed to be a popular option that had been around for quite a while, judging from its rustic and retro decor.

We had a Flat White (A$3.50), which was just alright, as hubby would prefer a stronger version.

My Chai with Milk and Honey (A$4.50) was lovely and smooth even without adding honey! The spice level was just nice, and it was a very soothing drink. The mild honey enhanced the sweetness without taking away the spice. I loved this drink!

There was a limit of 2 hours for the free WiFi here; just check with the staff on how to login. Be warned that it was very slow though. Also, do check out level 2 and the lovely balcony seating 🙂


  • Location: 35 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia (Google Map)
  • (Facebook)
  • Directions: Take the train to Central Station and walk 18 mins via Broadway
  • Hrs: 7:30am – 10pm (Mon-Thu), 7:30am – 11pm (Fri-Sat), 8am – 9pm (Sun)
  • Reservation: Online
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​Emperor’s Puff @Chinatown, Sydney

2016-08-20-14-59-44So we had just finished our 2.5-hour dim sum lunch nearby and was wandering around in Chinatown when we notice a fast-moving queue in front of this tiny shop selling Emperor’s Puff 帝皇餅 for 35 cents each, or a dollar for 3.

So… We simply had to queue and try one, right? The funny thing was we were so full from the lunch that we only wanted to order just one piece, but the lady behind the counter could not believe someone would just order one single piece, and hubby and her went through the order a couple of times to confirm! Haha…

This turned out to be a very sweet custard puff that helped to warm us up a little in the cold 😛


  • Location: 96-100 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the Light Rail to Paddy’s Market Station and walk along Hay Street
  • Hrs: 12pm – 9pm
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​Marigold Restaurant @Haymarket, Sydney

Dim sum is a popular Chinese cuisine meant for sharing. And it was definitely more fun to feast with friends! Four of us shared 16 items and had a wonderful 2.5-hour lunch!

We loved the atmosphere here, plus the push-cart style service made it a lot more fun. It was a very popular restaurant, and the queue never stopped throughout our lunch.

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​bills @Darlinghurst, Sydney

2016-08-20-08-44-19We woke up bright and early and took a morning stroll to bills (because so many people kept recommending it)!

This location at Darlinghurst was where it all began in 1993 when Bill Granger, at the age of 24 dropped out of art school and opened his first restaurant.  It quickly became famous for the best scrambled eggs and ricotta hotcakes in town, served at the now much-copied communal table where locals and visitors, families and celebrities sit down to eat together and thrive on the buzzing atmosphere. (from bill’s website)

We reached here before 9am on this lovely Saturday, and it was not very crowded yet. Actually, my cousin had recommended scrambled eggs here, but we totally forgot about it and went on to have our priciest breakfast of the trip.

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