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莱莱小笼 @上海 Shanghai, China

This eatery might be small, but the food were certainly big on flavours 🙂

We tried the 蟹膏小笼 Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao (¥58) and 蟹粉虾仁馄炖 Crab Meat Prawn Dumpling (¥39) and we thought both were awesome, especially the Xiao Long Bao that was very juicy and flavourful.


  • Location: 上海市黄浦区天津路506号底前 (Baidu Maps)
  • Hrs: 8am to 8pm
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許記蒸餃 Xu’s Dumpling @Kaohsiung

This was a popular double-storey dumpling eatery. We shared a basket of 10 dumplings (NT90) for brunch and it was awesome!

The dumpling skin was relatively thin and when we bit through it, there was some soup that oozed out. The taste of chives was very distinct, and the meat tasted fresh. We totally enjoyed it!


  • Location: 807高雄市三民區林森一路306號 No. 306, Linsen 1st Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 807 (Google Maps)
  • Direction: Near Formosa Boulevard MRT Station 高雄捷運紅線美麗島站
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon-Sat)
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亓家蒸餃專賣店 Qi’s Steamed Dumplings @Taipei

We were chatting with the staff at PK Caffe that we were on our way to check out 陳家涼麵 Chen’s Cold Noodles, and she recommended that we should try out 亓家蒸餃專賣店 Qi’s Steamed Dumplings nearby since we were in this area. We were glad that we took up her recommendations!

We tried the 蝦仁絲瓜蒸餃 Prawn and Luffa Dumplings (NT120 for 8 pieces), and we were wow-ed! Each dumpling was juicy and filled with a generous amount of fresh fillings covered by thin layer of dumpling skin. The luffa complemented the meat well.

We felt so lucky to be able to eat really good dumplings for 2 consecutive days 🙂


  • Location: 105台北市松山區南京東路五段123巷4弄3號 No. 3, Alley 4, Lane 123, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
    (Google Maps)
  • Direction: 4 min walk from Songshan-Xindian Line Nanjing Sanmin Station 松山新店線南京三民站
  • Website: Facebook
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 9pm (Mon to Sat) (Closed on Sun)
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德基純手工水餃 De Ji Handmade Dumpling @ Keelung

In between snacking at 基隆廟口夜市 Keelung Miao Kou Night Market, we decided to walk out to explore the nearby area while we waited for Mr J to arrive.

It was by pure chance that we walked by 仁愛市場 Ren Ai Market and saw some lights, which led us to go into the building to check it out. Being night time, most of the shops were closed, but there was this brightly-lit 德基純手工水餃 De Ji Handmade Dumpling, and the colourful dumplings called out to our hearts 😛

We opted for the 三寶水餃 Mixed Trio Dumplings (NT160 for 12 pieces), which consisted of 紅寶高麗菜水餃 Cabbage Dumplings (with Red Yeast skin), 翡翠韭菜水餃 Chives Dumplings (with Green Spinach skin), and 黃金蝦仁水餃 Prawn Dumplings (with Yellow Pumpkin skin). It was worth noting that the stall indicated that they do not use colouring or preservatives, and these colourful skins and fillings were made from fresh ingredients.

The dumplings were awesome! Plump and juicy, the generous fillings were tasty and fresh. We loved the texture of the skin too 🙂


  • Location: 基隆市愛一路8號 仁愛市場二樓)Ren Ai Market Second Floor, No. 8, Aiyi Road, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, Taiwan (Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 9am – 8pm (Wed to Mon) (Closed on Tue)
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塚田農場 Tsukada Nojo @Miyazaki, Japan

IMG_3705.jpgIMG_3719.jpgWe have always enjoyed the soup at 塚田農場 Tsukada Nojo in Singapore, and now we had the chance to try out at the 宮崎 Miyazaki outlet where it all started 🙂

Apparently, in 宮崎 Miyazaki, they use only free-range, home-bred domestic chicken. Only selected farms that have passed Miyazaki Prefecture’s stringent production conditions are allowed to breed this specific type of chicken, which produces leaner meat with well-marbled fat. Reading the description, we were more than ready to try all kinds of chicken cuisine 😀

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남대문시장 Namdaemun Market 南大門市場 @Seoul, South Korea

IMG20170406134129One of the largest traditional market in South Korea, 남대문시장 Namdaemun Market 南大門市場 has been opened since 1964.

There are stores that serves as wholesale markets (starts from 11pm to next day wee hours), as well as retail sections (some stores start from 9am onwards, with push carts coming out closer to 11am).

With more than 10,000 stores, all sorts of stuff can be found here, including clothing, accessories, toys, kitchenware, etc. Of course, there are plenty of food options as well, from snack stalls to cafes and eateries. It seemed impossible to finish seeing and eating in one day.

Since we were staying quite near 남대문시장 Namdaemun Market 南大門市場, we popped over quite a number of times for eating and shopping. In fact, hubby even managed to haggle a little for cheap men’s socks 😮 (Though we did see even cheaper ones at Dongdaemun…)

First thing we did was to get a map of the Namdaemun Market at the Information Centre near Exit 5 of 회현 Hoehyeon Station 會賢站 (Subway Line 4, Station Number 425), or you can get a copy from here. We also spotted staff stationed at different areas to help lost tourists.
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명동 Myeongdong 明洞 @Seoul, South Korea

IMG_2489IMG_2437One of the most popular shopping district in Seoul, 명동 Myeongdong 明洞 is a great place for eating and shopping. We popped over here quite a few times, both in the day and the night, and did some shopping (lugged back tons of face masks), and lots of eating (plenty of restaurants and street food). Happy people, less happy wallet, less less happy feet 😛

It was surprisingly quiet during the day, perhaps due to the period that we went, and it felt relatively stress-free. The crowd appeared when the street market opened in the evening.

In addition to 놀부Nolboo Budae Jjigae 樂伯部隊鍋 and 오우가 Ouga 五友歌, we have also tried:

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동대문 Dongdaemun 東大門 @Seoul, South Korea


After our palace visit, we decided to pop by 동대문 Dongdaemun 東大門 for an early dinner, and to explore the area.


We took the subway to 동대문역 Dongdaemun Station  東大門站 (Subway Line 1 or 4 Station No. 128 or 421) and saw the famous 흥인지문 Heunginjimun Gate 興仁之門, before having a simple 치즈 라면 (Chijeu Ramyeon) Cheese Ramen 奶酪方便麵 (₩3,500) and 고기만두 (Gogi Mandu) Meat Dumplings 肉馅饺子 (₩3,000), at a local eatery, which appeared to call itself as 興仁之門 (since it was located just in front of the gate). The food was simple but satisfying.

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해운대 Haeundae 海雲台 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2199After visiting the gorgeous 해동용궁사 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 海東龍宮寺, we decided to head to 해운대전통시장 Haeundae Traditional Market 海雲台傳統市場 for lunch. It was a 25-minute cab ride (₩9,800).

We reached before 12 noon, and the area was still quite empty. We checked out the market to see what fresh produce the locals were selling, as well as some shops selling cutesy items (socks!!!).

There were a lot of seafood eateries, and we had originally wanted to try the 곰장어 hagfish/blind eel 盲鰻, but the eateries seemed to be all empty, and we were not sure which one to choose.

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Half day trip to 國立國父紀念館 National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall @Taipei

2016-10-31-15-48-39After a good rest at the hotel, we were off to 國立國父紀念館 National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Dad was very interested in the galleries and we spent about 3 hours here, catching both the hourly 儀隊交接 exchanging of guards ceremony, as well as the 降旗儀式 flag lowering ceremony at around 5.30pm.

20161031_173942It was our first time catching the flag lowering ceremony, thanks to a local who advised us to stay on, during our chat in the gardens. It was certainly worth staying on for it!

From the gardens, we also had a good view of Taipei 101, as we watched it being lit up as night fell.

By the time we left National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, it was almost 7pm. Hence, we just went to 北平都一處 Beijing Do It True restaurant directly opposite the memorial hall.

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