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財記茶餐廳 Choi Kee Restaurant @Mong Kok, Hong Kong

img_4370img_4371We had initially wanted to have porridge at 生記粥麵 San Kee Porridge which has a branch just opposite our hotel, but the place was closed today 😦 So, we headed to the 茶餐廳 cha chan teng beside it instead.

We had the 早餐A Breakfast Set A (HK$28) and the 营养早餐 Nutritious Breakfast (multiple options, HK$29), and were pleasantly surprised by the food. Our first time trying out a relatively unknown cha chan teng (usually we go to our favourite haunts, or those rather popular with tourists type) and the food was not bad at all!


  • Location: Tung Yu Building, 6-8A Tung Fong St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong 香港九龍旺角東方街8號地下A舖 (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Kwun Tong Line/Tsuen Wan Line Yau Ma Tei Station 觀塘綫/荃灣綫油麻地站 (Take Exit A2 and walk 2 mins)
  • Website: OpenRice
  • Hrs: 7:30am – 10:30pm (Mon-Sat)
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Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ @Plaza Singapura

2016-04-05 21.14.41It was time to try something new! OCBC is having a 1-for-1 promotion for Galmaegisal (marinated pork skirt meat), so that kinda made us decide to try out this place.

According to the menu, galmaegisal is supposed to be “well-loved for its perfect combination of tender juiciness”, and “this unique cut that forms only 250 grams of a full-grown pig is said to be only serves to the Royal Family of Korea in the past”. We were quite sold to the idea of eating it already!

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かつくら・三条本店 Katsukura @Kyoto

2015-12-08 19.21.07Mr J recommended this place to us, and warned us about the long queues at the Kyoto Station outlet, so we were pretty excited when we found the main shop near our hotel! There was a little entrance next to Lipton cafe, and opposite Jeugia, a guitar shop, and we had to walk through a small alley before reaching the restaurant.

We were comparing the English and Japanese menus, and discovered that for the English version, the main pork dishes all come in sets (additional ¥300 for unlimited servings of barley rice), but since we wanted to minimise our carbohydrates intake, we ordered via the Japanese menu instead:

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Half day trip to 姫路 Himeji

We left Kyoto early, after yesterday’s satisfying 紅葉 koyo experience, to 岡山 Okayama, dropped our bags at the hotel, and went straight to take the train to 姫路 Himeji (since we had activated our JR Pass).

At the station, we met a very helpful information counter staff who spoke Mandarin, and gave us some advice for our day trip, and also directed us to the popular タコピア Tako Pia at グランフェスタ Grand Fiesta, which was just in front of 姫路駅 Himeji Station.

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我逢人 かっぱ Gahoujin Kappa @Gion

We were done with sight-seeing for the day and were searching for cheaper alternatives near 祇園 Gion area for dinner, before heading home. Ms V found a highly recommended 居酒屋 izakaya, and we decided to go try our luck!

When we peeped in, we saw that the bar counters were fully occupied, but still decided to try enquiring for seats. To our pleasant surprise, there were tables available in another room, away from the smokey bar counters.. Happiness!

It was a traditional tatami room, which meant that we had to take off our shoes, and kneel/sit on the floor. The trio of stiff-legged 外人 gaijins ended up sitting with legs in various positions to avoid leg cramps 😛 The food and atmosphere were good enough that we sat through leg cramps and enjoyed our dinner for 2 hours!

Most of the items were ¥390, excluding tax, and of a small portion, which was good, because we wanted to have a variety. For a total of ¥5610 (~S$65) for 3 persons, we left the place really bloated and happy.


  • Location: 77 Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 605-0085, Japan 〒605-0085 京都府京都市東山区末吉町77
  • Nearest Station: Gion-Shijo Station 祇園四条駅
  • Direction: Take Exit 7 and walk along 四条通 Shijo Dori. Make a left turn at 大和大路通 Yamato Oji Dori. Turn right at the second junction.
  • Hrs: 6pm – 3am (Tue-Sat), 5pm – 12:30am (Sun)
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Half day trip to 築地市場 Tsukiji Fish Market

2015-11-30 09.47.252015-11-30 09.39.29We did not think that we could wake up in time for the tuna auction, so we did the next best thing, which was to aim for breakfast at 築地市場 Tsukiji Fish Market 😛

We reached the market close to 9am in the morning, and just followed the crowd into the fish market. We had initially wanted to visit the wholesale market first, but our attention were diverted when we spotted the snaking queues at the most popular sushi places (like Sushi Dai, Sushi Daiwa and Sushi Bun) 😮

We saw a more manageable queue at うまい鮨勘 Umai Sushikan, and had previously read online that it was also quite value-for-money, so we decided to join in the queue.

While queuing, I could not help but notice the steaming hot omelette stick that the person in front of us was having, so I bought one to share from a stall in the previous aisle. It felt great to have hot food in the cold!

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Tendon Ginza Itsuki @Tanjong Pagar

2015-10-24 18.42.23We finally tried it!!

On this not-too-particularly-hungry early evening, we figured that we could probably withstand a bit of queuing 😛 The queue started from around the corner of the shop (it’s located at the end of the building) to almost the end of the building wall when we arrived, only about 30 minutes into dinner service. The shop was very socially responsible and put up the PSI level at the start of the queue to remind customers on the haze situation.

Some time into the queue, a waiter came out and asked for the number of persons in our party, and to take our orders. We couldn’t really remember how long we took to queue for seats. Maybe around 30-45 minutes, judging from the timestamp of our photos. 🙂

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One Man Coffee @Upper Thomson

Brioche French Toast

Brioche French Toast

It has been a while since we last came here… Too many places to go to 😛 But today, we have a craving for brunch, so here we were around 10am on a Sunday morning. It was full house, but we only waited for about 5min for a table.

Gashouse Eggs

Gashouse Eggs

This time, we decided on a Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($10), Brioche French Toast with Homemade Berry Jam & Candied Walnuts ($10), Caffè Latte ($4.50), and Matcha Latte ($5).

The Gashouse Eggs was full of cheesy goodness! Cut through the centre and the runny egg yolk oozed out, simply perfect! We liked the combination of the Brioche, with the sweet candied bacon bits complementing the salty cheese. Of course, anything with runny eggs is always nice 😀

The french toast was still as good as before, thick and fluffy, with the lovely, slightly tart jam.

The matcha latte was quite milky, but still had that slight hint of bitterness, which I liked. Coffee was as good as ever.

In all, a wonderful Sunday brunch 🙂


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The Clueless Goat @Goldhill Centre

We are not clueless!

We are not clueless!

We had thought about coming here for quite a while (it opened in Feb 2015), but somehow, we were always distracted by other food options in the area, and also a bit apprehensive if a cafe who calls itself clueless, has any clue about making good food and drinks? But here we were today!

This is a simple setup much like other cafes, with simple tables and chairs, ordering and payment at the counter, eat and go type of cafe. The interior is brightly lit and roomy enough to not give a ‘pressurizing’ feel. Overall a very homely feel and we enjoyed the ambience very much.

Our first thoughts were that the prices were very reasonable in this location, and there was no GST or service charge. Small wonder that it was fully packed!

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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Matsuri 豚骨王 祭@Parkway Parade

Awaodori Special

Awaodori Special

We were very keen to try out this place as each ramen shop serves its own distinctive style of ramen. The queue was quite short, and we managed to get seats with 20 minutes, which was not bad at all, considering that it was a weekend evening.

We quickly decided on the Awaodori Special and Nebuta Special (each $18.90++). While waiting, we enjoyed some hard boiled eggs and marinated bean sprouts, which were freely available at each table. We even saw some customers making their own concoction of egg mayonnaise! We also rather enjoyed grinding the sesame, which really added an aromatic flavor to the ramen.

The Nebuta Special was made using a mixture of pork and fish stock, and was lighter in taste, as compared to Awaodori Special. Unfortunately, the meat was so tough that I gave up eating it after a while. On the other hand, the Awaodori had very tender meat! Frankly, I was quite disappointed with my meal 😦


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