Tai Tong Restoran 大東酒樓 @Lebuh Cintra, Penang

Another of our favourites back in 2011, we woke up extra early to come here for breakfast!

The food was nothing fancy, but we simply liked it because it was so old-school. It was crowded whenever we walked past, from morning to night.

At 7.30am on a Sunday morning, there were still some seats available, and we picked one that looked most airy.

We loved how the pushcarts would weave through the tables and each lady staff hawkering what they had. You just had to point at whatever you wish to eat, and they would make a mark on the ordering form with prices ranging from RM1.40 to RM11, though it appeared that the weekend specials were mostly RM6.50 each.

We could not remember the exact names of each item because we were just pointing away or getting recommendations from the staff 😛

  • Prawn Balls: One of the weekend specials, I thought it was a tad too salty. Hubby liked it though.
  • Wong Di Pau: Another special, this was a huge bun with lo mai kai fillings. The bun was very soft, but we did not eat too much of the bun as we had ordered a lot of other items. We did finish up the delicious lo mai kai fillings though. One of the lady staff was dismayed that we wasted RM2 for we could have just ordered the lo mai kai instead. She said in a conspiratorial tone that we should have just said “no” to the pushy lady selling it… Oops.
  • Chee Cheong Fun with Scallops: We thought this was pretty good, with the cheong fun rather silky smooth.
  • Beancurd Skin Wrap: This was not bad, but we could not figure out what meat it was…
  • Fried Fishball: Or something… Erm, I just pointed at it because it looked different… Hahaha!
  • Chicken Feet: This was rather normal.
  • Egg Tart: We rather enjoyed this egg tart 🙂

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