Café Manuka @IMM

2016-04-30 20.27.22 We had wanted to have a drink after dinner, and we discovered Café Manuka through one of the food discount coupons in the coupon booklet distributed at the Customer Service counters located at Level 1 in IMM.

The booklet, called Triple Treats, actually had coupons from IMM, JEM and Westgate, but it was a rather long queue to wait for the coupons. Plus there were varying terms and conditions. And it so happened that the coupons for Café Manuka are only applicable for weekdays. Oh well…

Nonetheless, we thought this looked like a nice place to chill, and it was not crowded. Plus the picture of the savoury crepes was enough to lure us in… Oops, we were supposed to be here for drinks!

We ended up with Savoury Crepes + Hot Tea set ($13 nett) with a choice of 3 fillings of which we selected turkey ham, cheddar cheese, and spinach (remaining options were egg, mushrooms, and turkey bacon). I wanted a Gryphon Lemon Ginger Mint (usual price $5.50) as part of the set, while hubby opted for his Flat White ($5.50).

2016-04-30 20.36.46The coffee was smooth and soothing, not overly acidic… But my tea was even more soothing, hehe…

The crepes was so delicious, but a bit too salty, probably because of the ham and cheese option. Luckily we had picked spinach too!

Prices were all nett, so this Gryphon tea was really one of the cheapest one we had outside our house. Service was very pleasant and friendly. Iced water was served immediately when we were seated, so we could sip and browse through the menu. The staff was thoughtful to enquire if we required sharing plates, unlike some other places where one had to ask. In addition to newspapers and magazines, there were also children’s books available for browsing.

It was also through browsing one of the magazines that we discovered who the (celebrity) owners of this cafe (which has a main outlet in Paragon) was, haha!


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