Tokyo Pasta Mario & Monster Curry @Orchard

My brother strongly recommended this stall to us, so here we were, our very first time eating at the food court of 313 Somerset!

Chicken Katsu Curry with Pork Katsu side

Chicken Katsu Curry with Pork Katsu side

I decided to try my brother’s favourite, Mushroom & Bacon Miso Cream with Onsen Egg Topping Pasta ($6.80) (actually he told me to add an extra onsen egg for $1 for extra kick, but I was worried about being disappointed with the egg), while hubby decided to try the Chicken Katsu Curry ($9.80) with a side of Pork Katsu ($3), after realising that he probably couldn’t finish the Monster Combo Curry ($21) when he saw it at someone else’s table, haha!

Hubby placed the order at the counter and returned with a round buzzer. Since this stall had quite a lot of patrons in this relatively empty food court, we had high hopes! 😀 We waited less than 10 minutes for the food to be ready 🙂

The pasta was really quite good for this price! Creamy but not overly heavy, the Onsen egg blended perfectly with the sauce, though perhaps it would be better with an extra egg. The pasta itself was quite firm and springy… I polished off the pasta real quickly :p

The default curry was level 1 hot, and it was of the right degree of heat for hubby, i.e. not very hot :p We preferred the pork to chicken Katsu, as the chicken version was very flat with a too high ratio of batter to meat. But we still enjoyed our meal very much 🙂


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