Bangkok 2015

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

We finally made it to Bangkok!!

This was a special trip that we were not sure if it would actually happen, if everyone really could make it, and if everyone would truly enjoy the trip (or kill one another).. And when it did happen, it really changed my opinion of Bangkok! As everyone flew in at various times, and the itinerary was flexible such that we would all join in at times and split up at other times, I could only write about what the 2 of us did 😛

Hubby and I decided to take a late flight to Bangkok, figuring that we might as well as pay for an additional night of stay in Bangkok and start the following day earlier, than to pay for the taxi to Changi airport and the more costly day flight. It was not too bad really, we just had to make sure that we knock off on the dot and have dinner at the airport 🙂

So here is the summary of what we did:

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