Kuang Heng Chicken Rice @Bangkok

Boiled Chicken and Fried Chicken with Rice

Boiled Chicken and Fried Chicken with Rice

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

While our friends were busy with their last minute shopping, we were busy with our last minute eating as well 😛

Just opposite Palladium World Shopping Mall (gotta cross a rather wide road, just follow the locals if you want to jay-walk), there was actually a small stretch of food places, resembling our local coffee shop, without air-conditioning. Kuang Heng Chicken Rice looked quite promising (aka crowded), and we decided to pop in and check it out! Ordered a combination of Boiled Chicken and Fried Chicken with Rice (THB50), as well as 10 sticks of Chicken Satay (tumeric mixed with chicken, THB50).

We were sad (and proud) to say that, chicken rice in Singapore was still better, with more succulent chicken, and more fragrant rice. The chilli sauce here was nice though. Surprisingly, the highlight was actually the chicken satay… It was deliciously tender!


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