[closed] Thai In Town @Upper Thomson

Thai Wanton Noodle

Thai Wanton Noodle

This is a new place along Upper Thomson, and we thought we should try it before its gone!

Ok lah, to be fair, not many restaurants along this stretch did wind up, but we have seen a few during our recent years of roaming around this stretch!

This restaurant is just beside Huay Kwang Thai and we believed it took over a Malay food stall (which we had tried once).

The interior is simple with cement floors and fixed tables. The interesting part about the tables is that the waiters can put a plank between 2 tables (there are groves along the edge of the tables to fit the plank in) and make it into a table of 4! Of course one can put more planks and turn the tables into one huge communal table. How innovative!

Chicken Mid-Wings

Chicken Mid-Wings

So of course we had to order the signature Thai-style Wanton Noodle ($6.90), and we supplement it with Pandan-Wrapped Chicken ($6.90) and Chicken Mid-Wings ($5.90) since wifey wasn’t too hungry.

Pandan-Wrapped Chicken

Pandan-Wrapped Chicken

Both the chicken starters were normal, and not too memorable. The only unique point about the mid-wings was that they were drizzled with a dry mix spice instead of the usual chilli sauce that locals are used to. It’s kind of unique but it’s also very salty.

The wanton noodle is Thai-style, meaning it’s served dry, but not the usual Dry that we are used to, the ones with chilli and/or ketchap as a base sauce. We had 3 big succulent wantons and flavourful char siew. We invariably compared the noodle to Soi 19 and sadly, we prefer the Soi 19 wanton mee because the noodle was more springy. The noodle here was a tad more lumpy, maybe because its the end of the day?


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