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Hong Sheng WTM 鸿昇云吞面 @Melaka, Malaysia

After movie, we went to Hong Sheng Wanton Noodles 鸿昇云吞面. It was crowded at 8.30pm and we had to wait a while for seats.

We ordered 3 small bowls of Wanton Noodles (RM5, RM5.50, RM6 for small, medium and large). There was a signage that indicated we should order first before finding seats, but we did not as we were worried it might take a while to get seats…

We later realised that a good gauge could be to see how many bowls were stacked up as orders waiting to be filled. The noodles felt traditional and homely, giving this 古早味 feel. There was a slight alkaline taste to the noodles, which could be covered by adding chili sauce.

  • Location: 94, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia (Google Maps)
  • WebsiteFacebook
  • Hrs: 4pm – 9pm (Wed-Sun)
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Tomyum Mama @Upper Thomson

2017-02-03 16.03.30
Thai In Town re-opened as Tomyum Mama, and we decided to give it a go~

  • Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce and Mango Salad ($24.90 nett): Our favourite dish, the fish was deep fried till really crispy, and the meat was tender. The mango salad by the side gave a refreshing lift to the dish.
  • Thai Wanton Mee ($5.90): This was not bad, with generous amount of ingredients, given the price.
  • Pandan Chicken ($4.90 for 2 pieces): Ah, the sad and dry tiny little chicken chucks. Enough said. =X
  • Homemade Meat Balls ($4.90 for 8 pieces): This was surprisingly addictive despite looking rather dry on the outside. The meat balls actually had some juice in them! Do note that there was prawn in the minced meat mixture.
  • Baby Kai Lan with Mushrooms ($7.90): This was a rather salty plate of vegetables.

Drinks-wise, we tried the Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.90), and the Thai Iced Lemongrass ($2.90), which we thought were not bad, but a little on the sweet side.


  • Location: 244 Upper Thomson Rd S(574369)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Mon-Fri), 12pm – 11pm (Sat-Sun)
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興記雲吞麵 Xing Ji Noodle Shop @Tai Koo, Hong Kong

2016-12-11 17.09.26After our morning hike, we were starving!

After some Googling, with our wobbly legs, we wobbled over to the nearby 興記雲吞麵 Xing Ji Noodle Shop.

A small eatery, the DIY menu and prices were pretty straightforward. We could choose up to 2 items, and there were 4 kinds of noodles for selection.

We quickly got ourselves a 招牌雲吞幼麵 Signature Wanton Thin Noodles (HK$17) and a 牛腩鯪魚球河粉 Beef Brisket and Dace Fish Balls Hor Fan (HK$22) to share.

The noodles was really springy, and the wantons were huge and fresh. The hor fan (rice noodles) was smooth and easy to slurp. The huge dace fish balls and beef briskets were delicious too. Unfortunately, the soup was a tad too salty for us, and we had to go in search of water after our otherwise rather delicious meal.


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​Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre @Telok Blangah

We read that there were a lot of good food here, and indeed, there were many stalls with snaking queues on this Sunday noon time. After surveying the place, we decided to try out 2 of the stalls.


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Mak’s Noodles 麥奀雲吞麵世家 @The Centrepoint

2016-05-16 14.37.16We were here for a late lunch, and the queue at Honolulu Cafe was too long. So, we headed to the empty Mak’s Noodles instead.

Ordered a Wanton Noodle Soup ($6.90++), and Beef Brisket and Tendon ($16.90++). For this price, we were quite shocked by the tiny size of the noodles, and even more shocked by the texture of the noodles, which was not at all springy. Well, but different people have preference for different texture.

The wantons were alright, but also reminded us of the shrimp dumplings that we used to buy at NTUC. We very much preferred the very flavourful beef brisket and tendon.

When we went to the counter for payment, the staff just responded with the total cost without even bothering to print the receipt, gosh!

Not exactly a satisfying lunch, so we decided to return to queue at Honolulu Cafe and hoped for the best… Somehow, this reminded us of our Hong Kong trip…


  • Location: 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint #01-63/64 S(238843)
  • Hrs: 11am – 11pm
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何洪記 Ho Hung Kee @Hysan Place, Hong Kong

Wanton Mee and Dumpling Soup

Wanton Mee and Dumpling Soup

This one Michelin Star wanton restaurant 雲吞麺 has been on our list for a while, but we never quite made it here during our last couple of trips. This time, we made it here for dinner!

At 6pm on a Saturday evening, it was quite crowded but still had some empty seats, and we were seated immediately 🙂

The environment was rather posh, and so the prices were rather upscale as well, with some abalone porridge going for HKD 300+! The dim sum prices were not too cheap either. Hence, we decided to stick to the basics and ordered a large Wanton Soup with Noodles (HKD 56+) and Shrimp Dumpling Soup (HKD 58+). Tea was HKD 3+ per person, with additional 10% service charge imposed.

Our food came quickly, and we were a bit surprised at the size of the bowl… Rather tiny? Gotta say that the wantons were quite flavourful and delicious, but the shrimp dumplings were quite bland, despite all the extra ingredients 😦 The soup was not bad, just a tad too pepperish. The noodles were very disappointing, as it was not at all springy, and it fact, quite tough to bite. The only redeeming point was that the thin noodles did not grow fat after soaking in the soup for a long time.

We could not believe that this was so-called Michelin Star standard!

Anyway, posh did not mean good service as well. The girls at the table next to us found worm when they were close to finishing their plate of vegetables, and when they complained to a waitress, she was like.. “So? Change another plate for you?” We also overheard the manager saying that since they almost finished the food, they had to pay for it. But the girls also did not appear to be those that would pay without a fight, and they were saying that no way they would pay for it! Not too sure who won the battle in the end, but we didn’t hear any quarrels from the payment counter. This was also not a place to linger, for our bowls were cleared very quickly after we were done, giving us a very clear and not-so-subtle hint to leave this place.

For this price, we are definitely not coming back again!


  • Location: 香港島銅鑼灣軒尼詩道500號希慎廣場12樓1204-1205號舖, Shop 1204-1205, 12/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 11pm
  • Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣
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Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert 香港盛記甜品 @AMKHub

Steamed Cheong Fun with Minced Pork 蒸港式炸酱肠粉

Steamed Cheong Fun with Minced Pork 蒸港式炸酱肠粉

Signature Combination Noodle 盛记招牌面

Signature Combination Noodle 盛记招牌面

What a flooding day today! We had to look for a place with shelter from the train station and decided that AMKHub was a better bet.

There was a not-too-big Sheng Kee at a quieter corner and we managed to get seats!

So it was a Signature Combination Noodle 盛记招牌面 ($8.50++), Bacon Chicken Roll with Mushroom Sauce Noodle 培根鸡卷菇汁面 ($8.50++) and a Steamed Cheong Fun with Minced Pork 蒸港式炸酱肠粉 ($3.60++) for dinner!

The cheong fun was unexpectedly spicy because of the minced meat 😮 The bacon chicken roll with mushroom sauce noodle was something new, but we still preferred the signature combination noodle, as it had more ingredients 😀


  • Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 AMKHub #B1-51B S(569933)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10:30pm
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[closed] Thai In Town @Upper Thomson

Thai Wanton Noodle

Thai Wanton Noodle

This is a new place along Upper Thomson, and we thought we should try it before its gone!

Ok lah, to be fair, not many restaurants along this stretch did wind up, but we have seen a few during our recent years of roaming around this stretch!

This restaurant is just beside Huay Kwang Thai and we believed it took over a Malay food stall (which we had tried once).

The interior is simple with cement floors and fixed tables. The interesting part about the tables is that the waiters can put a plank between 2 tables (there are groves along the edge of the tables to fit the plank in) and make it into a table of 4! Of course one can put more planks and turn the tables into one huge communal table. How innovative!

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Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee @AMK

Queued for 15mins!

Queued for 15mins!

The famous Soi 19 wanton noodles has arrived in Singapore!

Soi 19 (19 街) is apparently a very popular wanton noodles near Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. But of course we didn’t know that since it was ages ago that we went to Bangkok. After hearing about this place from Ms W, we gotta come here and try it!

At around 9.15am when we arrived on a nice Sat morning, there was already a snake-long queue formed! However, the queue moved along quite fast and we managed to get our noodles after a 15 minutes wait.

The menu was simple: Regular 小 ($3.50 with one fried wanton, 2 soup wanton, char siew and leafy vegetable), Medium 中 ($4 with extra noodles) or Large 大 ($5 with extra noodles, ingredients and Chinese sausage or lup cheong).

We also found out later that you could order a Regular and top up a dollar for the yummily-fried lup cheong!

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Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House 百靈炸云吞麵美食屋 @Sunshine Plaza

Wanton noodle

Wanton noodle

We decided to come have some famous wanton noodles!

For $4, we got a plate of noodles with 4 fried wantons, 2 soup wantons, and some char siew. The noodles here were indeed QQ, and the fried wantons were very crispy, but we didn’t think too highly of the soup wantons or dumplings ($4), as the meat was rather bland and they were too generous with the fillings 😛 So it’s best to stick with the fried stuff!


  • Location: 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #01-53 S(189652)
  • Hrs: 9:30am – 9pm
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