Sanpoutei Ramen @Holland Village

Japanese feel on the exterior

Japanese feel on the exterior

We were in the vicinity (again) and wanted to try something new. This looks like a relatively new place so we decided to give it a try!

The exterior is a brightly-lit shop front with a large lantern, giving a very Japanese feel to the restaurant. Similarly, the interior is furnished with Japanese-style low tables and small chairs, and packed with very little walking space to maximize the dining area.

Kitchen is glassed so diners can peek at what’s happening behind the glasses, and for the chefs to shout ‘いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase!‘ every time a customer walks in!

Ordering is simple: you order a ramen, decide on your toppings, add on side dishes, and drinks if you want. That’s it. Japanese efficiency.

Of course, we had also ‘done our homework’ and checked out the reviews on social media. Apparently one should always top up the ramen set with Butariki Niigata Rice Mini Don because the shoyu-flavoured pork with the raw egg york makes the perfect combi for a yummilicious side dish!

We ordered the Wスープ豚骨らーめん 特製全部のせ W Soup Tonkotsu Ramen with Special full-topping ($18.80), 新潟醤油らーめん 特製全部のせ Niigata Shotu Ramen with Special full-topping ($16.80), with sides dishes of 三宝亭の若鶏のからあげ おろしポン酢ソース SANPOUTEI Deep fried Spring Chicken with Oroshi Yuzu Ponzu Sauce ($8) and of course 新潟米の豚力小丼 Butariki Niigata Rice Mini Don ($5).

The butariki don was indeed yumilicious! The raw egg york when mixed with the shoyu pork gave a very smooth and awesome texture that took away the otherwise salty nature of the shoyu. The chashu of the ramen was also delicious but we definitely prefer the butariki don better! 🙂


  • Location: 253 Holland Ave #01-01 S(278982)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 11pm
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