Akanoya Robatayaki @Orchard Parade Hotel

With PSI climbing to hazardous levels, we opted to stay within the hotel. After hanging out at the club lounge, we went to Level 1 to check out the izakaya.

A very interesting concept, there are 3 raised platforms within the restaurant, and 2 chefs per platform. The chefs were kneeling at the platform in front of a deep grill, and the fresh ingredients were laid out in front of our eyes. We just need to point at the ingredients to order our food to the waiter, who would call out our orders, and all the chefs would acknowledge, and our chef would pick out the ingredients and start preparing our food. When ready, the plates would be placed on a huge paddle and the chef would swing the paddle towards us for us to pick up the food 🙂

We could also pointed at what others were eating 😛 These were what we pointed at:

  • Sato Imo ($9++): These tiny Japanese yam tasted great with a little bit of salt.
  • Satsumaimo ($12++): The sweet potato was first boiled, then sent to the grill. The result was a very sweet and soft sweet potato!
  • Kinki ($88++): We saw some guests having it, so we asked for the same fish too! The red snapper was grilled to perfection! The meat was very sweet and tender, and the bones mostly crunchy enough to be eaten. We wiped out the fish cleanly 😀
  • Maitake ($15++): My current favourite mushroom, that I usually can only find in NTUC as the steamboat 3-in-1 packs, the chef wrapped then in aluminum foil before sending to the grill. The result: very moist and flavourful mushrooms!
  • Tori Tsukune ($8++): Served with a chilled onsen egg, this minced chicken skewer was a winner! The runny egg yolk, the additive sauce, and the flavourful minced meat… We loved them all!
  • Asparagus ($5++): The thick asparagus was sweet and juicy!
  • Taraba ($70++): We were browsing Instagram and saw many pictures of the premium Red King Crab legs, and decided that we had to try it too. We were very impressed by the way the chef skillfully clean and cut up the huge crab leg. When it was done, it looked slightly dry, but it turned out to be quite juicy!
  • Omi Gyu ($40++): The beef skewer was so amazingly delicious that we ordered another portion. The fats melted into the meat, heightening the flavours, without being too greasy. This was oh-so-heavenly, must try!

Well, we did not point at these:

  • Otoshi ($4++): The mandatory appetiser was braised salmon head, which magically appeared on our tables after we placed our orders. It was yummy too!
  • Kudamono ($7++): The mandatory fruit to round up our meal, this slice of rock melon was very sweet, ending our meal on a happy note, and we were already deliriously happy (before the bill arrived)!


  • Location: 1 Tanglin Rd Orchard Parade Hotel #01-01 S(247905)
  • Websiteakanoya.com.sg
  • Hrs: 6pm – 1:30am
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