Japan 2015 Itinerary

This was the much anticipated trip of the year!2015-12-09 08.29.29

We started planning for this trip very long ago, with the purchase of SQ Super Sweet Deals tickets. Planning went on and on and it was a pity that hubby was down with sore throat right on the day we were departing. Packed a number of medicine to bring with us and the next 2 weeks turned out to be medicine-full days…

2015-11-28 14.01.41But we were very lucky to be able to see 富士山 Mt Fuji from the plane!

Hubby noticed it first (before the pilots, haha!) and quickly whip out his iPhone to take a picture. Ms V and I unfortunately went to the toilet and missed the first sighting. When we came back, the pilot was announcing that passengers seated on the left could see the magnificent mountain, and we spared no time to get back to our seats and shoot! 🙂

The rest of the journey went on well, and I think it’s partly due to the sighting of 富士山 Mt Fuji!

Useful Tips:

  • We got the Pasmo card at Haneda Airport, which required a ¥500 deposit and stored value of ¥2500. The deposit cannot be used, but we were unsure how to get a refund as we were departing via Kansai Airport. The good thing is that the Pasmo card is valid for 10 years, so we decided to keep it as a souvenir 🙂 For the final trip to Kansai airport, we did not have enough stored value in the card, but we simply needed to top up at the ticket office (the place where we show our JR Rail pass to).
  • It was important to have some flexibility in the itinerary, as weather played an important role. We swapped our plans and had a lovely trip to Kawaguchiko, as it was sunny that day, and we enjoyed the view if Mt Fuji in its full glory. We also decided to go to Universal Studio Japan a few days earlier, as it was forecasted to be a rainy day on our original planned day. At Takamatsu, we didn’t really have much choices as it was cloudy everyday that we were there, so the view at the view point at Nankei Gorge Ropeway was not very good.
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