Asia Grand Restaurant 亚洲金阁 @Odeon Towers

img_4249Almost on a whim, we decided to try our luck at Asia Grand Restaurants on a Saturday noon, without reservations.

We enquired for seats at the entrance, and the conversation went…

Staff: I have a table for 3, but can you finish by 1pm? Because the table is reserved from 1pm onwards.

(We all looked at our watches, it was already 12 noon!)

JY: Are you able to serve fast enough?

Staff: No problem.

Super confident sia! We went in without hesitation because we were also very confident of our eating speed, plus hubby and I were not too hungry since we had breakfast and coffee/tea within the last 2.5 hours 😛

Three of us tried the following:

  • Whole Peking Duck 北京鸭 ($40++ for whole duck): We opted for the Peking Duck 2-way, with the meat served plain. There was a top-up charge if we had opted to cook the meat with noodles, but we thought that we might be too full for noodles. We rather enjoyed the fast and furious way the staff sliced up the duck skin, while another staff quickly wrapped the skin in egg crepes, along with the assortment of sauce, and shredded cucumbers. The skin was crispy and yummylicious! The duck meat however, was just a tad too tough.
  • Shrimp Dumpling 冬筍鲜虾饺 ($5.80++ for 4 pieces): The shrimp was definitely fresh, and it would have been perfect if the skin was a little thinner.
  • Pork Dumpling 北姑烧卖皇 ($5.80++ for 4 pieces): Juicy and not too oily, we liked this item too.
  • Chives and Pork Dumpling 家乡韭菜饺 ($4.80++ for 3 pieces): The skin was really QQ and chewy, very nice! The chives taste was not overpowering. Overall, a pretty good item to try.
  • Pan-fried Yam Cake 煎芋头糕 ($5.30++ for 3 pieces): They were certainly generous with the amount of yam pieces, and there were also bits of Chinese sausage in each piece. Not bad at all.
  • Chicken with Wine 花雕酒鸡卷 ($13++): I almost always order this item whenever I see it on the menu. There was a strong wine fragrance, but I thought it was rather odd to see this as a dry version with chilli as a dipping sauce.

We also had Chrysanthemum-Pu’er 菊普 at $2.20++ per person, and a plate of pickles for $3++.

Gotta say that the service was very efficient, and yet not at all rude! Staff who brought food out from the kitchen were not allowed to serve the tables; instead, they would stand by the side and the staff serving tables would come by quickly to do the serving. Tea was often replenished without having to ask, since the staff actually popped by rather often to help us pour tea.

We were rather efficient at eating too, but still did not have any rushed feeling. And yes, we were done with our food, and our bill by 1pm 🙂


  • Location: 331 North Bridge Rd Odeon Towers #01-02 S(188720)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon-Sat), 1oam – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm (Sun and PH only)
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