Sakari Sushi @Tanjong Pagar

2016-05-28 21.56.11

It had been a while since we last visited Sakari Sushi, and we had originally planned for a light dinner… BUT it ended up lasting 4 hours 😮

It was just really pleasant to slowly enjoy our food, and to enjoy the conversation with the chef!

We had our usual favourite seats at the corner of the sushi counter where we can watch (and take pictures) of the chef. Of course, JY decided to come join us midway and we had a blast!

Today, it was Chef Hong-san helming the sushi counter while Chef Paul-san took a breather 🙂

We didn’t realized we ate so much… But here’s what we had… 😛

  • Engawa 縁側寿司 Flounder Fin Sushi: We started our awesome dinner with this chewy sushi. As usual, this was outstanding. The fats that oozed out after being lightly torched… Oooohhhh!
  • Pitan Tofu ピタン豆腐 Century Egg Beancurd: My all-time favourite, as I am always unable to resist this creamy treat! Today’s pitan tofu seemed different from the previous versions though… Was there a change in recipe? Hmm..
  • Hirame 鮃寿司 Flounder Sushi: Today’s flounder was really sweet! Served with truffle, it was aromatic and delicious.
  • Madai 真鯛寿司 Snapper (Seabream) Sushi: One of the more common Tai 鯛 variety, this was also fresh and delicious, but we still preferred Hirame, hehe…
  • Hotate ホタテ寿司 Scallop Sushi: Ooohhh! The scallops were very fresh today! However, we felt that the torched mayonnaise was a tad too overwhelming for this delicate scallop.
  • Kazunoko かずのこ Herring Roe: Served with bonito flakes, we enjoyed the salty freshness and the light crunch!
  • Aburi Kamasu 炙り魳寿司 Torched Barracuda Sushi: Fresh and crunchy!
  • Hamachi Kama Shio Yaki はまちカマ塩焼き Grilled Yellowtail Collar with Salt: This was absolutely awesome!!! The meat was sweet and tender, and we wiped it out!
  • Maguro Zuke 鮪漬け寿司 Marinated Tuna Sushi: Hubby’s all time favourite, we loved the rich flavour!
  • Aji 鯵寿司 Horse Mackerel Sushi: Another flavourful fish, probably because it contains more oil.
  • Ikura イクラ Salmon Roe: While JY had the sushi version, Chef Hong-san fed us with just the fish roe. There was a light ponzu flavour which enhanced the flavour of the fish roe, yummy!
  • Sake Maki 鮭巻き Salmon Reversed Maki: Drizzled with lightly torched mayonnaise, this was a super delicious combination of rich flavours and texture.
  • Toro Natto Yamaimo Okura トロ納豆山芋オクラ Tuna Belly with Natto, Japanese Yam and Japanese Lady’s Fingers: I could not decide between Toro Natto トロ納豆 or Maguro Yamakake 鮪山かけ, and Chef Hong-san decided to combine my options into the ultimate, gorgeous combination of sticky, slimy food. Well-mixed with a raw quail egg, I got everything in a lovely gooey mixture. I absolutely adored it! It was heavenly, especially when scooped with crispy seaweed! Hubby avoided it like a plague though, haha 😛
  • Gyomen 魚面 Fish Noodles: Another of our favourites, the noodles tasted like fishball in strands. We loved the simple clear hot soup that felt so heart-warming, as always 🙂

2016-05-28 23.37.06.jpg

We were supposed to end here, but Chef Hong-san had a couple of interesting treats coming up.. And we could not resist….

  • Aburi Toro Amaebi 炙りトロ甘えび寿司 Torched Sweet Prawn with Minced Tuna Sushi: With the lightly torched minced tuna on top of the sweet prawn, this was an interesting combination… Which led us to…
  • Aburi Uni Amaebi 炙りうに甘えび寿司 Torched Sweet Prawn with Uni Sushi: This was truly the highlight of tonight’s dinner! The enhanced flavours of the creamy uni after being lightly torched, somehow this combination was even better than the previous sushi.
  • Miso Tamago 味噌玉子 Egg with Miso Paste: This lightly salty and sweet egg was a lovely “dessert” finish for our meal 🙂

As usual, it was another excellent meal at Sakari Sushi 🙂


  • Location: 1 Tras Link Orchid Hotel #01-05 S(078867)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 6pm – 10pm (Sat)
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