Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant @M Hotel

Hokkaido Sushi had recently started a promotion for their Ala-Carte Buffet ($43++ per pax), and we decided to have our dinner here!

2016-06-13 19.13.58.jpg

Our favourite item was actually the free starter consisting of salmon belly sashimi, sashimi truffle, and ebi sashimi. All of them were fresh and delicious!

This aside, the thick salmon, hamachi and scallop sashimi were also very good! I rather liked the crunchy texture of the tako, but JY and hubby were not fans. We all agreed that tuna sashimi were quite dry though.

The grilled salmon head was done quite nicely, and the meat was quite tender. The ginger pork was also delicious. The tori karaage was very well marinated (the skin was flavourful!) but the meat was quite dry.

The rest of the items were not memorable, and we were most disappointed with the not-crispy seaweed, resulting in a temaki that could not be bitten into half (hubby was literally fighting with it). The aburi prawn sushi was also very disappointing, with fully cooked prawn that was rather dry, and the sauces were not remarkable. The pitan tofu used a rather firm tofu that could not absorb the flavours of the century egg 😦

Note that drinks were not part of the buffet, so we had to top up $2.50++ each for tea (self-service). Also, do call ahead to make reservations, otherwise you may end up at the teppanyaki counter sharing the table with others.


  • Location: 81 Anson Road M Hotel Level 9 S(079908)
  • Websitewww.hokkaidosushi.com.sg
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm
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