Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery @Sembawang

We were too early for claypot rice (they opens at 11am), so we decided to head for brunch at the nearby Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery, which opened only 2 weeks ago (22 Jun 2016).

There was some initial confusion as the cafe looked dark from the outside, and the sign indicated Closed, despite having opening hours stated as 0930 1000 (they crossed out the earlier timing).

We tried pushing the door and it opened, haha! Guess they forgot to flip the sign (they also forgot to change the weekend opening hours on the Open side of the sign).

Once inside, it was actually a bright and cosy place, with pretty little purple flowers at each table. Here were what we had:

  • Weekend Brunch Platter ($12.50 nett): Today’s special, the entire platter appeared rather healthy as all the items did not look oily at all. The croissant was superb! Eaten on its own, this flaky croissant was crispy on the outside and slightly chewy inside, and it was oh-so-buttery. While the eggs appeared to be overcooked, there were still some runny yolk inside. The bacon was mildly salty and we liked it. However, the mushrooms were way too salty to be eaten on its own.
  • Charcoal Waffle ($7.50): We requested for the strawberry sauce to be served by the side. Which was a good thing, because the strawberry sauce did not go well with the waffle, haha! Not sure why, but the staff also gave us some maple syrup and butter by the side as we began to eat the waffles. Maybe they knew that these 2 went way better with the waffle since we did not order any ice cream to go along 🙂 The waffle itself was lightly crispy with chewy insides, and it tasted like a symphony of sweet, salty, and sour tones. Not bad at all.
  • Cafe Latte ($4.50): Milky, smooth, and mildly acidic, hubby liked the coffee.

I did not feel like having tea today, and the staff was very kind to serve warm water when we requested for one.

Overall, quite a lovely place to chill out. We gotta come to try the cakes!


  • Location: 8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 S(759274)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon–Thu), 11:30am – 10pm (Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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