Chicken Up @Jurong East

This was the last of our Starhub vouchers, and we decided to try out the Chicken Up branch at Jurong East.


It was a fairly quiet Saturday and the place was mostly empty. The friendly staff said that we could sit anywhere we wanted, and started making recommendations for us, once we were comfortably seated. In the end, for $19.90++ per pax (and $5.50 weekend surcharge) we tried:

  • Yangnyum Popcorn: 5 pieces of juicy and super generous boneless chicken chunks coated with Korean style sweet chilli.
  • Spicy Yangnyum Popcorn: This was oh-so-spicy!!! Too spicy for us. Thankfully we had ordered popcorn chicken instead so there was less to eat. Haha!
  • Ganjang Wings: The soy sauce flavoured wings were a tad too salty, but we enjoyed the savoury flavour. The skin also remained crispy throughout. Our favourite! Hubby liked it enough to order the popcorn version.
  • Spicy Up Half Chicken: In the ala-carte version, it would be 4 different parts of the chicken, but in buffet style, we had 1 piece each, which was good enough. The heat level was just nice.
  • Crispy Up Half Chicken: This was quite normal fried chicken (but KFC one better), but it was truly very crispy!
  • Bulgogi Fries: This came highly recommended, so we tried this version instead of the kimchi fries or truffle fries. We liked it! The bulgogi beef and mayo was quite addictive.
  • Fried Dumpling: It was supposed to be 4 pieces, but the staff happily obliged with our request to have only 2 pieces. This was pretty standard.
  • Topokki: In the buffet small portion version, we had some rice cake and fish cake. It was quite spicy. I am not a fan of rice cake, and remained so after trying it. Note that in the full version, there would be seafood and cheese as well.
  • Jabchae: A sweet stir-fried glass noodles, this was not bad.

For drinks, iced water was available (self-service), or one could top up $2.90++ per pax for free flow drinks (Barley Tea, Green Tea, or Sikhye). Sikhye was a sweet traditional Korean beverage, made with rice and barley malt. Something unique, but abit too sweet for us.

Staff were very friendly and happy to help, and this guy who served us most of the time was told us that the aim of the buffet was to eat as much as possible, and to take our time with the food, and chit chat more so that we could eat more.

However, it was really too much chicken for us. We noted that other tables that were not having buffet were having the Melon bingsu, which was at 50% off currently.

Oh, do try squeezing the toy chicken (once is enough!!) if you happened to sit near one 🙂


  • Location: 10 Jurong East ST12 Jurong East MRT #01-01 S(609690)
  • Hrs: 11am – 11pm
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