Lokkee @Plaza Singapura

2016-10-10-13-50-51There was a special 25% discount off Lokkee’s ala-carte menu today, special thanks to Nathan Hartono and his excellent performance in Sing! China.

Lokkee is TungLok Group’s latest F&B venture offering global Chinese cuisine.

The restaurant is a witty and cheeky play on favourite Chinese recipes which have been given a unique tweak to include a dash of Western influence.

The interior of the restaurant is very contemporary but the tables were too close to each other and waiters had a hard time maneuvering their way.

  • France blue mushroom, hua jiao (fish maw), and brussel sprouts ($28++): We felt that the fish maw tasted like sea cucumber. The brussel sprout was a bit bitter. The blue mushroom had this woody aromatic flavour to it, and was quite crunchy.
  • Double-boiled Norwegian Salmon Ginger Wine Soup ($14++ per bowl): Flavour was good, and the ginger and wine taste were not overpowering; it was a lovely clear soup that felt quite heartwarming. There were 5 thin slices of salmon that tasted quite fresh.
  • Sichuan Mala Norwegian Salmon Belly ($18++): This was subtly spicy, we felt a little of the numbing mala feel after eating about 4 pieces. The salmon cubes were cooked to perfection; we enjoyed this relatively non-oily dish!
  • Grilled Barramundi Fillet with Dancing Crab Signature Sauce ($32++): This dish definitely had a more direct kick, with its tangy and spicy sauce drenched all over the very fresh fillet.
  • Gingko Barley Beancurd ($6++):  The ginko nut spheres were very interesting! The barley was cooked just nice, with the right texture. The smooth beancurd balanced out the sweetness of the dessert. Worth a try 🙂

Water and wet tissue were free of charge and you can ask the staff for the userid and password to access the free WiFi.

The restaurant was about half-filled, but we waited 30 minutes for the 1st dish to arrive, and were starving by then. We added the additional order while we were halfway through the fillet, and when the waiter asked if he could serve it “now”, we gave a resounding yes! “Now” turned out to be 10 minutes later, which meant we did not have too wait too long after we were done with our mains. Wonder how they manage their lunch time crowd?

The Today’s Special was also not quite what we imagined it might be, because the waitress had described it as though the items would be stacked on top of each other. She explained the dish in a mixture of Cantonese and Chinese, and when we were done with the dish, she asked us if it was known as fish maw in English. We thought this was kinda strange, because we would have thought that the staff would have had some briefing on Today’s Special…?

The cashier did not apply the 25% discount when he presented the bill to us. When we enquired, he said “oh yar”. Then when we wanted to use the Capitaland Mall voucher and asked how much was the final bill, he cited the bill without discount. Sheesh!


  • Location: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #03-01 S(238839)
  • Website: www.lokkee.com.sg (Facebook)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm
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