Bukit Chagar Roti Canai @Johor, Malaysia

IMG_7623We went on a day trip to Johore again!

And first up was this popular roti canai (or roti prata in Singapore) near the JB custom.

Despite being quite near customs, it took us a little while to find the correct route to this little corner. And it didn’t help that it was raining heavily.

We reached around 10.30am, and split up the work; one went to queue and order, while the rest of us try to secure a table.

We ordered Roti Canai Kosong (RM1 each), and by 10.45am, all roti canai was sold out. We were one of the last few customers, lucky sia!


The roti canai resembled a really huge coin prata! It was crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside; we liked the texture and the taste! It was also not really oily, which was a major plus point. The dhal curry was mildly sweet, and it was recommended to add some sambal chilli to give it some kick. Our friends loved the curry 🙂

We also tried the Teh Tarik here, which was pretty smooth and not at all bitter. The Kopi-o Kosong was on the acidic side though. They do not sell coffee and tea with evaporated milk (aka Teh-C and Kopi-C) here so we had to make do with o-kosong.

While the roti canai was no longer available, we do note that they were selling still Nasi Campur, where you could select your own portions of sides to accompany the rice. They also sell stuff like Kuih Bahulu.

Note: Do try to come earlier to avoid disappointment. We lucked out, probably because it was raining quite heavily this morning.


  • Location: 394, Jalan Tengku Azizah, Bukit Chagar, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (Google Maps)
  • Direction: 5 min drive from Johor Bahru CIQ Complex
  • Hrs: 6:30am – 11am
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