Next to Normal – Production by Pangdemonium

We caught the musical Next to Normal this afternoon and totally enjoyed it! So much so that we decided to blog about it 🙂

Our friend jio-ed us to watch the production, and we just went along without really checking out what the show was about (as usual) 😛 But wow! The band was great, sound system in good order, the set was thoughtful, the songs were very good! The storyline was intense; it was heart-warming, funny, and yet heart-breaking at times… it was really quite a roller-coaster as described on the Pangdemonium website! What really impressed us were the singing of the actors and actresses, especially that of Sally Ann Triplett, who plays the role of Diana, the mother battling bipolar disorder. Her beautiful singing, and her very expressive actions really wow-ed us!

The storyline tugged our hearts, and also gave us a glimpse of the difficulties a family could face when dealing with a family member with the illness. Adrian Pang gave a lovely speech after the show ended, and we really think it is worth your time and money to go support this musical!

To find out more about the show, click on the banner or go to the event page at Facebook!

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