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놀부Nolboo Budae Jjigae 樂伯部隊鍋 @Seoul, South Korea

IMG20170407140855부대찌개 (Budae Jjigae) Korean Army Stew 部隊鍋 is one of the very popular food to have whenever our friends have a gathering. We figured that we should have a proper one before the girls get home!

They recommended going to Nolboo, which is a chain well-known for Budae Jjigae as well as some other brands under the same chain.

This place actually serves Budae Jjigae for single customers, and it appeared to be quite rare, as most of the restaurants that we visited required a minimum of 2 pax to order this dish.

Menu was available in English, Japanese, and Chinese, with lots of pictures, so ordering was not an issue.

We decided to go for the Traditional Set (₩20,000 for 2 pax), and the Beef Set (₩22,000 for 2 pax) which came with noodles and drinks (a huge 1.5l of orange for the 4 of us :o), as well as the side dishes.

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태종대유원지 Taejongdae Recreation Area 太宗臺遊園區@ Busan, South Korea

IMG_2235It was a sunny morning and we were all set to go to 태종대 Taejongdae 太宗臺!

We had obtained a map from the hotel, and Bus 88 along the main road where Seomyeon Subway Station 西面站 Exit 1 leads to, goes direct to Taejongdae. It is the main road where underpasses are available for crossing, and the Bus Stop Number is 05-240.

We got off to an exciting start, when the bus door malfunctioned after Ms. V and I got up the bus… And the door closed on Ms. W, ouch!! The driver was unable to force open the door, and drove off,  leaving hubby and Ms. W stranded.. And the rest of the passengers could not get off too.  It was a scary moment for we could not understand what the driver was saying. Thankfully, we knew that we just need to get off at the terminal stop, and both pairs had 4G data connection so we were able to keep in contact.

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