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Nunsongyee (눈송이) Korean Dessert Cafe @Upper Thomson

imageAnother new kid on the block, Nunsongyee (눈송이) Korean Dessert Cafe has replaced Rida La Cuisine and started operations only from 26 Jan 2016. We were searching for coffee after dinner, and were almost ready to go into SMORES (another new kid on the block), when we overheard someone walking by in her group and saying that the food was just alright… And so we headed to Nunsongyee instead. Haha…

imageIt was our first time trying bingsu, and we had no idea that shaved ice could be so pricey 😮 We decided to share a Cheesecake Bingsu ($14.90) and a Cafe Latte ($5.80). We were given 2 cute pens as gift upon our order 🙂

A short wait later, our food was ready!

Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert, made up of mainly finely shaved milk ice, with a variety of toppings. The shaved ice here reminded us of grated coconut!

The cheesecake crust went quite well with the shaved ice, and was not at all sweet. There was a cup of condensed milk blend/watery condensed milk by the side, but we did not use it.

When we dug in further into the bingsu, we discovered the hidden pool of condensed milk blend inside it. The scoop of ice cream topping also added to the sweetness. The coffee was just alright, but it served to keep us warm after eating so much ice, haha!


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