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노량진수산물도매시장 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 鷺梁津水產市場 @Seoul, South Korea

IMG_2463We had yet to enjoy sashimi during this trip, and just before the girls depart for home, we decided to visit 노량진수산물도매시장 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 鷺梁津水產市場 for some fresh seafood 😀

We had reached the fish market around 10:30am, and there were hardly any customers 😮 We walked around to check out the various seafood, and throughout, we were approached by vendors who knew how to speak Mandarin, making us even more worried about getting scammed.

In the end, we decided to play it safe, and just get some sashimi to share. At the main aisle, there were many stalls that were selling pre-packed sliced sashimi, but the fish did not seem very fresh. We kept walking around, till we saw a couple of tourists getting their sashimi from a stall 당진수산 (Dangjin Susan) Dangjin Fishery (할어-089, Tel: 010-2733-3910), where the sashimi platter prices were listed. We did not have to worry about bargaining or getting scammed anymore 🙂

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