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Taiwan June 2013 Trip

Beautiful station in Kaohsiung

Beautiful station in Kaohsiung

[I know we started this blog in Aug 2013 and this trip was in Jun 2013, so it’s kinda backdated. But after documenting the Taipei trip, we thought we should ‘complete’ it by documenting the Taiwan trip as well, even if it’s just a photostream. So here it is. 🙂]

And so we went on a Taiwan trip in June this year after more than 4 years. I believe many Singaporeans goes to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Bangkok probably once every year or maybe even more than once, so > 4 years sounds incredibly long.

But this trip was not really planned for, because I was supposed to be going to Boston for a conference, and wifey was supposed to come join me after that and we could tour around the academic city of Boston and Cambridge. But for a totally incredible reason, we ended up booking on a trip to Taiwan instead. You wouldn’t want to get me started on that incredible reason

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