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Sakari Sushi Restaurant @Tanjong Pagar

Chef Paul-san with fresh sushi

Chef Paul-san with fresh sushi

It was our long-awaited Omakase dinner at Sakari!

Located at Orchid Hotel (where the famous Teppei and its infamous queue was also located), we had previously came here once for omakase dinner, also organized by Ms J. This time however, we had specially requested for pitan tofu, with the tofu homemade by Chef Paul-san, so we were totally looking forward to it!

We had also requested for the $120 omakase instead of the $100 one, so we were looking forward to even better food this time round 🙂 Just a disclaimer that since J was a super regular customer, we might have gotten a discount for the omakase. Also, J said that there is always something new that she has yet to try whenever she comes here (and it appears to be at least once a week), each omakase meal is different.

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