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fArt tArtz Cafe @Expo

Country feel

Country feel

We don’t normally venture so far out to the East. But wifey was working (yes, on National Day somemore 😦 ) at Expo and since its National Day and I have nothing to do at home, I ventured all the way here to nua at fArt tArtz while waiting for her. 🙂

This is a cozy little cafe right opposite Coffee Beans on Level 2 foyer of Expo Hall 1. The seats are quite spread out and can easily occupy 60-70 people. Sofa seats are plenty and the beautiful decorations create a very country feel to this corner of the exhibition halls.

Many students can be seen studying here (and at Coffee Beans too). They are probably from ITE, which is just opposite, and schools in the Eastern area. I wouldn’t mind studying here too (but that era has long past me 🙂 ) with the nice ambience and high ceilings to drive the heat away. That is when there isn’t a high-volume trade show going on at the same time. 😉

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