First trip to Geylang Serai!

We finally made it to Geyland Serai after talking about it for a rather long time 😛 We brought our niece along since she has never been there before too! We were initially quite worried about the crowd, especially since it was just a couple of days before Hari Raya Puasa, and after reading that people had to walk in single file in order to move around during the weekend o_O

Many stalls at Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre

Many stalls at Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre

We managed to reach Paya Lebar MRT before 7pm and basically just followed to the crowd to walk to… the largest pasar malam that we have ever seen…! Perhaps we were too early, or we must have gone to the less popular area, so it was actually quite quiet… which was good for us, since we could enjoy a leisure stroll. Ended up having dinner at Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre, and getting some snacks from the pasar malam after that.

Niece had the Chocolate-flavoured Soya Beancurd from 69 Cold Soya Beancurd but was quite disappointed with the rather bland chocolate taste. She thought it had a cereal taste to it…

The Oyster Omelette from Soon Lee Cooked Food was much more satisfying. We ordered the $8 plate, which came with at least 8 rather plump and decent-sized oysters, with lots of parsley. Together with the tangy chilli, we totally enjoyed it. The auntie at the stall was also very cute; she thought our niece had problems with the chopsticks (we were trying to show her how to hold the pair of chopsticks without crossing them) and auntie came along with a fork and asked us if everything was ok… hehe 🙂

Dinner at Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre

Dinner at Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre

After that, we tried some Chicken Bryani with some Teh-C Kosong as our main course. The chicken was super crispy and yummy! The rice was rather fragrant too, so it was quite enjoyable. Actually, we wanted to try ayam penyet too, since we saw a lot of people eating it, but we didn’t know which stall to order from… haha. Nevermind, we will try it the next time!

Putu Piring

Our last order from the food centre was Putu Piring. 5 pieces for $2, it was truly the highlight of the evening! The outer layer was very soft and light; very unlike the harder kueh tutus that we get from the Chinese stalls at the usual pasar malams/coffeeshops. Mixed with the sweet gula melaka inside and the slightly salty grated coconut, it was a very delicious treat! Totally loved it!

Sotong Char Kway

Sotong Char Kway

We ended the night with some Sotong Char Kway with cheese from the pasar malam. The cheese reminded me of the cheese fries, and the overly generous mayonnaise made the entire snack a tat too sweet, so didn’t really like it that much.


  • Location: Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre, 13 & 14 Haig Road, S(430013)
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