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​盛記大排檔 Sing Kee @Central, Hong Kong

2016-12-13 07.25.49We came by the area to purchase my favourite 大排档 Dai Pai Dong 2-in-1 milk tea, so it seemed rather fitting that we should have dinner at the nearby dai pai dong 盛記 Sing Kee. There were many customers having seafood here, but we did not dare to try. Instead, we had:

  • 時菜豬什 Assorted Pig Offal & Seasonal Vegetables (HK$48): The choi sum was not bad, and the pig offals were quite tender.
  • 嘟嘟雞煲 Sizzling Chicken in Pot (HK$59): Oooh, this was quite addictive and the chicken pieces were quite tender.
  • 干炒牛河 Stir-fry Beef Hor Fun (HK$50): Unfortunately, this was missing a little wok hei, and a tad too salty and oily. The beef slices were quite tender though.

  • Location: 中環士丹利街82號舖 82 Stanley Street, Central (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Hong Kong Station 港島綫香港站 (Take Exit C and walk 6 mins)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Mon-Sat, alt Sun)
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吕记北京甑糕 Beijing Steam Cake @Shichahai, Beijing

After dinner at 烤肉季 Kaorouji, we strolled around the area, which had plenty of night-life activities! Bright lights everywhere, it was definitely different from what we have seen so far.


20161023_212837We also went to the nearby 烟袋斜街 Yandai Xiejie aka Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, which is named  after the Chinese pipe, 烟袋 Yandai, that was traditionally sold on this street. Despite being a relatively short street, there were many interesting shops selling a wide variety of stuff.

After we had walked enough to create some space in our stomach, we went back to this 吕记北京甑糕 that we saw when walking from the Subway station earlier.

The word 甑 (zeng in fourth sound) refers to the ancient kitchen utensil made of clay that was used to steam mainly rice.

For ¥20, we got a set of 4 cakes with all 4 flavours and toppings. The texture of the cake reminded us of  Kueh Tutu aka Putu Piring, and the flavours were sweet and tangy, making it a lovely dessert!


  • Location: 6 Qianhai Dongyan, Shichahai, Xicheng Qu, China, 100009 北京市西城区前海东沿6号 100009
  • Directions: Take Subway Line 8 to 什刹海 Shichahai Station (Exit A2).
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护国寺小吃街 Huguosi Hutong Snack Street @Xicheng District, Beijing

2016-10-22-20-10-19We finally visited Beijing!

Wanting to have a taste of old Beijing, our lodging for the first 2 nights in Beijing was very near 护国寺小吃街 Huguosi Street, aka Huguosi Hutong Snack Street.

This street was first formed in the Yuan Dynasty and was named after the former 护国寺 Huguosi Temple. It was reopened on 26 October 2011, after undergoing 2 years of renovations. It starts from 新街口南大街 Xinjiekou Nandajie in the west and ends at 德胜门内大街 Deshengmennei Dajie in the east, and forms an intersection in the middle with 棉花胡同 Mianhua Hutong towards the north, and 护仓胡同 Hucang Hutong towards the south. It is a popular street known for its wide variety of snacks.

Though the hotel staff recommended that we should take a proper meal before trying out the snacks (as she was not sure if we would like the flavours) we opted to just snack our night away. Do note that most of the restaurants are not authentic local Beijing food, as we were told that most of them were opened by non-Beijing Chinese.

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​呷三碗  Eat 3 Bowls @Seah Im Food Centre

2016-09-03-11-35-11This was a new stall since our last visit to Seah Im Food Centre at Telok Blangah, and who could resist Braised Meat Rice 滷肉飯 that cost only $2.50! We also ordered the Deep Fried Intestines 炸大膓 ($4) instead of the usually braised intestines.

The braised meat rice was awesome, transporting us immediately back to Taiwan!!

The good balance of meat and fats and the lovely rice drenched with gravy. This was worth every single cent! The deep fried intestines reminded us of 鹽酥雞, for within the super crispy exterior lay the very soft intestines. We liked it! Some might find the smell a bit too strong though.

We were very happy with our choice and would love to come back to try out the other items!


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Lao San Kway Chap 老三粿汁 @Ang Mo Kio

2016-06-04 09.57.12-1Being the start of school holidays, we figured that the queue today at Lao San Kway Chap would be relatively shorter, so that was where we were headed for breakfast!

At 9.40am, there was just 4 customers ahead of us 🙂 Actually, this place is called 老三粿汁.猪什湯 Lao San Kway Chap & Pig’s Organ Soup, but we did not see anyone order any soup throughout our meal.

We ordered 大肠头, 大肠, 粉肠 (3 types of large and small intestines/offals), 三层肉 Pork Belly, 豆干 Beancurd, 菜尾 Preserved Vegetables and 2 small bowls of 粿 Kway (broad rice sheets) for $17.20.

This was a more mild version of kway chap as compared to some of the heavily salted versions. The braised offals were very well-cleaned, which sometimes is a really rare find, for the cleaning process is very tedious. They were all tender and chewy, and mildly salty with a light sweetness, similar to the broth of the kway. The pork belly was tender too. The beancurd and preserved vegetables complemented the offals well, and we like that the preserved vegetables was not overly salty; in fact, it was sweet and salty. The rice sheets were firm and chewy, and we liked the broth too.

While we were enjoying our food, the queue grew to the width of the coffee shop space 😮 Do come earlier to avoid the crowd!


  • Location: Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1222 S(560232)
  • Hrs: 6am – 3pm (close on Mon), 10:30am – 12am (Fri-Sat)
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Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul @Lebuh Leng Kwee, Penang

We were here at the legendary roadside stall in 2011, and the queue remained as crazy in 2016… And the queue at the chendul stall opposite remained non-existent… Oops.

This pushcart stall started in 1936 with the old Mr Tan Teik Fuang learning to make and beginning to sell chendul at Penang Road. Business flourished and picked up when the 2nd generation Mr Tan Chong Kim took over in 1977 and started applying innovation with a business mind while keeping the quality of the product. Today Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul has branches all over Malaysia and is planning on expanding to overseas too.

As usual, we just grabbed a bowl of Chendul for RM2.70, and slurped it up by the roadside, along with the rest.

It was still as good as ever, with the generous gula melaka and aromatic coconut flavours, making it a delightful dessert. Who cares about the hot sun anyway? 😉


  • Location: 27 & 29 Lebuh Keng Kwee, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
  • Contact: +60 4262 6002
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 7pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 7:30pm (Sat-Sun)
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Tong Seng Restoran 東城茶餐廳 @Penang Road, Penang

After the not-too-satisfying char kway tiao, we spotted another char kway tiao stall as we made our way back to the hotel, and this time, they fry it with duck egg!!!

Without hesitation, we ordered our second plate of Char Kw6ay Tiao with Duck Egg (RM6) within 2 hours 😮 To add on to the variety, we also ordered a Penang Laksa (RM5), and White Nutmeg Drink (RM2.30).

This plate of char kway tiao was so worth the calories! Something about the duck egg simply made this dish super flavourful 😀 The laksa sadly was lacking the sourness of the assam and was overly spicy for us.

But we were totally satisfied with the CKT alone! 😛


  • Location: 406 Jalan Penang 10000 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  • Hrs: 8am – 5pm
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Serangoon Gardens Market & Food Centre @Serangoon

We have been to Serangoon Gardens and to the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre for several times but not to this market & food centre.

Located just before the circle, hubby remembered a famous Char Kway Teow stall there years ago (but alas it has closed already, because the old couple retired). The food centre has been completely refurbished and it is now more airy, bright and clean!

So today, we decided to do a small ride and small walk to Serangoon Gardens and have some local brunch! Found quite a few gems 🙂

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源味手工笋粿 @AMK Blk 226 Eating House

Koo Cai Kueh

Koo Cai Kueh

We were looking for nibbles and recalled that we didn’t quite manage to eat here the last round, as everything was sold out! Since we were quite early today, we decided to try! And erm, we were told that it would be a 30 minute wait because all they were still making the kuehs!

Actually, it was a 20 minute wait, because we saw a queue suddenly forming. The stall people recognised hubby and quickly gave him the food! And so we had Soon Kueh ($0.90 for the turnip version, and $1.10 for the bamboo shoot version), Koo Cai Kueh ($0.80), and Orh Kueh, aka Yam Cake ($1.10).

Hubby actually wanted to try the bamboo shoot version of soon kueh, but unfortunately, they took the incorrect order. However, the slightly spicy turnip version was also very good! We loved the chewy texture of the skins for all the kuehs, and with the fillings still warm and fragrant, we wiped out all the kuehs within minutes!


  • Location: 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 S(560226)
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天天到福建炒虾面 @AMK



After a not quite satisfying dinner, a friend who stayed around this area recommended that we should either try Froz, which was around the corner, but closed on Thursdays, or the apparently very famous Hokkien fried prawn noodles at the nearby market and food centre.

Without further ado, we made our way to the food centre, where only the sinful food stalls were still opened – BBQ satay, fried char kway tiao, and of course, the fried prawn noodles. We were contemplating what to try when suddenly a queue formed in front of the prawn noodles, and since Singaporeans love to queue for food, we made our decision!

The prawn noodles were cooked in batches, and we had to wait a while for a fresh batch to be made. That meant that we had a piping hot plate! The smallest version was $3.50 a plate, and the portion was quite small, but the noodles had soaked up all the delicious seafood broth and was really quite excellent! Do try a little bit of the super potent spicy chilli, which went very well with the noodles, but could be too spicy for some. The chilli was so good that if you wanted extra chilli, it would cost you another $0.50!


  • Location: 453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Chong Boon Market & Food Centre #01-219 S(561453)
  • Hrs: 3pm – 10pm
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