Pin Wei 品味 @Bukit Timah

Third season already!

Third season already!

We saw an episode of 超级小吃赞 3 (Snack Attack 3) on Channel U a few weeks ago recommending chocolate buns, coffee buns and custard buns.

So we came here after our leisurely stroll at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 🙂 on this bright Sunday morning!

Lots of choices here

Lots of choices here

On Sunday around 11:30am, this place is rather quiet with about 4 tables occupied. This is what we tried:

  • 流沙包 Cream Custard Bun ($1): OooOooh! Liked the way the custard flowed out! But it was slightly on the sweet side and I prefer the saltier type. Still, it was one of the better ones that I have tried.
  • 奇香咖啡包 Coffee Bun ($0.70): The coffee flavour was very distinctive and aromatic! I think it is lotus paste infused with coffee, quite unique!
Cream Custard Bun

Cream Custard Bun

Coffee Bun

Coffee Bun

Dim Sum spread

Dim Sum spread


  • 韭菜饺 Chives Dumpling ($2.50 for 4): More meat than chives, quite juicy. Quite nice actually, but we had expected more chives…
  • 鼓椒蒸排骨 Pork Ribs ($2.20): This was surprisingly good! The meat was juicy and firm but not tough, and didn’t get stuck in between teeth. Very pleasant eat! One of the best that we have tried so far!
  • 桂林酱凤爪 Chicken Feet ($2.20): This was quite spicy. The skin came off quite easily and still had the QQ texture. Enjoyed this too!

We also had Kopi-C Kosong and Teh-C Kosong to wash down the dim sums and buns. The strength was just nice, not the super strong type, but the evaporated milk used had a strange sweetness to it…

Teh-c goes well with...

Teh-c goes well with…

... Kopi-c of course!

… Kopi-c of course!

Overall, we enjoyed this little tea break. While service was quite slow (took quite a while for them to take our order and to get the bill because it seemed like there was only one person assigned to do the job), the food was served relatively quick.


  • Location: 9 Cheong Chin Nam Road S(599734)
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