Real Food @Square 2

Yummy Dumplings

Yummy Dumplings

This is the new place that I come to when I need some healthy lunch, because they only serve vegetarian and organic food. In fact, the 3 times that I have been here, I’ve been eating the same thing :p

Full of ingredients

Full of ingredients

For $7, you get a bowl of 6 plump vegetarian dumplings in soup. The dumpling skin is quite thin and silky, and there are many kinds of veggies such as mushroom, carrot, beancurd, French beans, chestnut, etc stuffed inside.

Brown rice to complete the meal

Brown rice to complete the meal

You can choose to top up another $1.50 for brown rice, kway tiao, brown rice vermicelli or mee sua. I like the brown rice here very much! Firm but not hard, there’s a mixture of grains with beans, and I like this hint of ginger taste in the brown rice.


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