MOA Brewing Company New Zealand Bar and Grill @Changi City Point

Relax feel

Relax feel

(This post in re-written in absolute frustration at stupid WordPress app which seemed to kill off my every other post despite multiple saving. So names may not be correct since it has been a while since I ate the food… Not too sure how long I can live with it…!!)

This is probably a pretty nice place to chill out, with the darts machine in one corner and 1 huge screen for soccer fans indoors. There was supposed to be live music outdoors, but we didn’t stay late enough to hear it.

What we had:

MOA chicken wings: Freshly deep-fried, the chicken wings were very crispy and hot! We were glad that we took the advice of the waitress 🙂

Meat platter: I know we need to let the meat rest after cooking to seal in the juice (courtesy of Master Chef series), but… the beef and mutton were served cold. How long is the meat supposed to rest? I could do with a bit more heat… I like the combination of mutton and fats though. The ribs were served slightly warmed, but by the time I got to it, I was pretty much disappointed with this dish already.

Original Pilsner: It was easy to drink, not too bitter, and felt really refreshing!

MOA Chicken Wings

MOA Chicken Wings

Meat Platter

Meat Platter

Original Pilsner

Original Pilsner


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