Barossa @Holland Village

We were hunting for food at Holland Village when we spotted One-for-One Australian Beef Buffet (usual price $43.90++) that was available every Wednesday and Saturday. We had to show the waitress that we had “Liked” their Facebook page before we could start the dinner. There was a time limit of 90 min, but we only had 60 min, since the buffet ends at 10pm… yeah, it was a super late dinner for us!

We liked that there was live music indoors, but that meant that we had to sit outdoors because it was too noisy indoors. Luckily, it was quite a cooling night, so it was pretty relaxing to chill outdoors with live music in the background, and we could still engage in a decent conversation.

Unfortunately, the Wagyu D Rump was not available. So between the 2 of us, we had 3 Australian Ribeyes, and 1 of each of the remaining cuts – Australian Prime Rib, King Island T-bone and Braised Beef Cheek.

First round!

First round!

The first round of Australian Ribeye was very tender and juicy, which was why we both ended up ordering this for our third round. Unfortunately, the subsequent Ribeyes were more tough and cooked inconsistently. The flames might have been too strong, resulting in the meats being quite charred on the outside, and one side was completely cooked… when we actually ordered medium rare.

The T-bone was actually quite lovely too, but it was quite tedious trying to cut it, so I got tired of it pretty quickly.

The Braised Beef Cheek was great on first bite, though it could have been a bit more tender. However, as we continued eating, we found the gravy too rich.

The Australian Prime Rib was alright; not very memorable.

The four sauces – Truffle Bearnaise, Wild Mushroom Cream, Blue Cheese Sauce and Red Wine Sauce were pretty alright, but also nothing to shout about. Wild Mushroom Cream was probably the safest bet. The Blue Cheese Sauce was quite nice, and I like that it wasn’t overly strong. I didn’t really like the Truffle Bearnaise, and the Red Wine Sauce was a tad too strong for my liking.

We tried all the sides except for Mashed Potatoes, and loved the Sauteed Mushrooms the most! So yummy! But again, pretty inconsistent, as the second time we ordered it, the chef gave it lots and lots of pepper…

The Barossa Salad was also pretty good, as they were very generous with cranberries and pine nuts 😀

The Roasted Tomatoes with Cheese provided a juicy complement to all the meats, so we quite enjoyed it too 🙂 Especially when we didn’t order any drinks and they don’t serve water 😮 Though later on, we saw water being served to another table, but we suspected that’s because they had order other drinks as well. Anyway, we quenched our thirst at the nearby 7-11 after we were done with dinner.

The most disappointing side dish was the Creamed Spinach. It was basically bitter spinach leaves that didn’t quite blend with the cream… kinda odd.

Will we come back again? I guess when there is an offer, and when we run out of food options…. didn’t really like that they simply refused to serve water. Other establishments usually charge a nominal price for water if they don’t provide it for free (and we are already not too pleased with that).


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