Ambush @Junction 8

Kenna ambushed!

Kenna ambushed!

Off days meant waking up late and lazing around, and going for a good lunch!

Went to Junction 8 for lunch on this beautiful off day, and Ambush has seats so here I am. This is a Fast Casual European Dining outlet (as stated on its website) and we came here a few times before, always wanting to try its pork knuckles but always sold out. 😦

The ambience is casual and they serve very decent European food which includes pastas, paellas, sausages, poultry and seafood! What’s interesting is that their menu is formatted like a newspaper so reading the menu feels like reading a newspaper!

Beef Burger Set

Beef Burger Set

I ordered the Set Lunch that included a SOTD (Soup Of The Day), a drink and a main course.

The soup was Cream of Mushroom and it was quite normal, and nothing to crave about. But I like that they served Ice Lemon Tea with syrup by the side, compared to other restaurants which, most of the time already mixed the syrup/sugar into the drink. This way I can get my kosong drink easily!

Main course was Beef Steak Burger with Fries. They were kind enough to let me replace the fries with Mash Potato, since I don’t really like/eat fries. The mash potato was creamy enough and with the gravy, made it a very palatable side dish. The beef steak was rather thin but the star has got to be the ciabatta bread! Looking at it before eating, I had expected it to be hard (like a baguette) but when I used the knife to sliced it (into half), it went through easily. When I picked it up, it felt soft and bouncy to the touch. When chewed together with the steak and vegetables, it blended very well and gave a very satisfying complement to the entire meal!


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