Eat at Taipei @Chinatown Point

Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

After our failed attempt to use our “吃在台北 Eat at Taipei” voucher at Raffles City, we decided to go Chinatown Point to use our voucher because we are sure it’s still opened:P

This time, we tried the Braised Pork Rice 彰化扣肉饭 ($9.90), Mee Sua with Pork Trotters 基隆猪脚面线 ($9.90) and 3-Cup Chicken 三杯鸡 ($15.90). Incidentally the 3-Cup in 3-Cup Chicken refers to one cup of Chinese wine, one cup of sesame oil and one cup of dark soy sauce. 🙂

The difference between 扣肉饭 and 卤肉饭 here was that the former uses pork belly slices while the latter uses minced/chopped pork pieces. The 3 thick slices of pork belly was tough, making it rather difficult to chew on. The rice tasted slightly better than the last time we tried though.

Mee Sua with Pork Trotters

Mee Sua with Pork Trotters

The mee sua was our usual local type when I was expecting the Taiwanese style mee sua 😦 It did come with 3 big pieces of tender pig trotters, so I was still quite pleased with it. The flavorful soup had a hint of sesame oil and ginger, which was quite delicious, but I found it just a tad too oily.

3-Cup Chicken

3-Cup Chicken

The delicious 3-Cup Chicken or chicken with basil was the highlight of the meal! The 6 to 7 pieces of thigh meat were savory and tender, without being too salty.

We liked that this place was quite generous with the side serving of vegetables that came with the rice and mee sua; an entire stalk is served, which is like double the usual 2 to 3 strands that we usually get at other places 🙂


  • Location: 133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point #01-43/44 S(059413)
  • Website
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 10pm (Sun – Thu), 11.30am – 2am (Fri – Sat)
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