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​民聲冰室 Min Sheng Eatery @Tin Hau, Hong Kong

2016-12-12 13.16.26民聲冰室 Min Sheng Eatery is a 14-seater shop that is very popular, despite the very short menu (8 items for lunch when we were there).

We ordered the 咸旦蒸肉餅 Steamed Minced Pork (HK$42) and 叉燒炒蛋 Char Siew Omelette (HK$42). Both items came with a super generous mountain of white rice, which was absolutely necessary, because the food was quite salty.

The tender minced pork mountain had a good mix of meat and fats, and the whole salted egg yolk went very well with it. We were quite impressed that it was steamed so well. The omelette was runny and delicious too.

Note: There is a minimum expenditure per pax of HK$40 for lunch, and HK$80 for dinner.


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Steam Box 蒸好食创意蒸汽火锅店 @Serangoon Gardens

It was a super late brunch (actually, almost lunch time), and this new place Steam Box caught our eye as something that looked rather healthy! They had just opened on 3 May 2016, and apparently dinner reservations were already fully booked.

Since we were rather early for lunch, we were the first customers of the day. The staff took time to explain to us how the entire process work, and how to use the steamer. Firstly we had to choose between the Century Egg and Pork Rib Porridge ($15++) or seafood porridge ($18++) as a base.

Next, we get to pick what we wanted to steam on top of the porridge, so that the juices will drip into the porridge for additional flavours. The big portions of meat are exactly double the size and double the price as the small portions, so the advice was to just try out small portions and add on if you like the items. The items are served on coloured plates, so we knew exactly how long we had to set the timer by checking against the timing list for each colour, and we could just cook the same coloured plate items together. We like this concept 🙂

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mr bean @Toa Payoh

Surprise from mr bean!

Surprise from mr bean!

We were surprised that there was savoury beancurd available here, and quickly got ourselves a bowl of Signature Savoury Beancurd ($3.50, inclusive of GST).

Hot beancurd topped with spicy minced meat and fried onions, it tasted like tofu that we get from the usual zhi char stalls, just that it was a little too salty.

Quite an interesting twist to the usual beancurd 🙂


  • Location: 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh Toa Payoh Hub #01-17 S(310490)
  • Hrs: 7am – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 7:30am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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Yum Saap @Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

We needed to have more Thai food! And since we also needed to shop more, we ended up at Yum Saap inside Platinum Fashion Mall.

Yum Saap is a chain restaurant in Bangkok, and there are quite a few branches in the various shopping malls.

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Eat at Taipei @Chinatown Point

Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

After our failed attempt to use our “吃在台北 Eat at Taipei” voucher at Raffles City, we decided to go Chinatown Point to use our voucher because we are sure it’s still opened:P

This time, we tried the Braised Pork Rice 彰化扣肉饭 ($9.90), Mee Sua with Pork Trotters 基隆猪脚面线 ($9.90) and 3-Cup Chicken 三杯鸡 ($15.90). Incidentally the 3-Cup in 3-Cup Chicken refers to one cup of Chinese wine, one cup of sesame oil and one cup of dark soy sauce. 🙂

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Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub @United Square

We have always walked past this place but never got the chance to try the food. It’s either the place was crowded, or we were attracted by something else along the way 😛

Today, after getting disappointed by a new place (why invite us to try and not bothering to inform in advanced that half the food choices are sold out?), we decided to come here since there was no crowd.. Haha!

Live music started at 8pm, so we got to enjoy some music while we waited for our food. It’s quite a nice place to chill, and the singer tonight had a rather soothing and pleasant voice. This place boosts of the longest beer menu in Asia with more than 150 brands from all over the world, ranging from Asia to Europe to US. However, we weren’t in the drinking mood today 🙂

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Eat at Taipei 吃在台北 @Raffles City

Braised Minced Pork Rice

Braised Minced Pork Rice

We were at Raffles City again and the queue at Nam Nam (a Vietnamese restaurant at the basement) was still crazy as ever even at 2pm! Can you believe it? It’s not like it’s THW or something…

We were rushing for time, so decided to go to the relatively empty 吃在台北 instead =p

For ~$30, we had…

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Jing Hua Restaurant 京華小吃 @Chinatown

It’s a special day, so it’s a special meal! 🙂

We had just finished our massage, and was walking around the Ann Siang Hill/Duxton area to find a place for late dinner. Lots of pubs and bars around, but we decided to come back to this old favourite which we have patronised a few times before. It’s a simple Chinese-styed eatery along Neil Road with a equally simple menu of a few dishes. I guess there’s no need for a complicated menu which is full of everything but rather be good at a few that gets your customers keep coming back. 🙂

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[closed] Shin Yeh Bistro @Square 2

Note: Shin Yeh Bistro has ceased operations at this location.

We were actually thinking of having dinner at Zhou’s Kitchen at Novena but it has been replaced by Shin Yeh Bistro! Since it’s also by Tung Lok, and we did enjoy Shin Yeh Restaurant at Liang Court, we decided to give it a try…

Claypot Soon Hock

Claypot Soon Hock

Hubby was enticed by the claypot fish that was served to the table next to us, but we couldn’t find the item in the menu… Finally we asked the waitress and that’s when we were told that there were special items not included in the menu, including the Claypot Fish and Three Cup Chicken. Huh? Why so special? Anyway, the claypot fish is seasonal price and ranges from $5 to $9 per 100g of fish, so ask for the price before ordering!

The whole soon hock was deep fried and very delicious! There were also slices of beancurd, eggplant and mushroom, so this dish was actually quite filling.

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