Yang Gui Fei 羊贵妃西安美食 @Chinatown

In this area for an evening meeting, and it was a perfect chance for us to go explore Chinatown!

We walked around the Chinatown area and wandered into the newly-renovated Food Street along Smith Street. With the help of FourSquare, we found Yang Gui Fei, a restaurant specializing in lamb dishes from Xi’an. We were initially quite apprehensive when browsing the menu, as most of the items looked spicy! But we were reassured that most were mildly spicy and we could also request for a non-spicy version, so we bravely entered the restaurant!

It was difficult to choose what we wanted to eat; there were so many things that we wanted to try :p Finally, we decided on:

Sour plum juice 酸梅汤

Sour plum juice 酸梅汤

Sour plum juice 酸梅汤: This is a refreshingly light version! Served chilled without ice, there was enough plum flavour spread out evenly, unlike some of the other places where parts of the drink was concentrated plum juice and you had to stir well before drinking.

Pork burger 肉夹馍

Pork burger 肉夹馍

Pork burger 肉夹馍: It was delicious when eaten hot! The burger had a slightly hard crust and the juicy pulled pork complemented it perfectly.



Dumpling in hot and sour soup 酸辣汤饺子

Dumpling in hot and sour soup 酸辣汤饺子

Dumpling in hot and sour soup 酸辣汤饺子: It looked spicy with the amount of red chilli flakes floating in the soup! However, it was just mildly spicy to taste; in fact, it was more sour than spicy. That was the only “dip” necessary for the juicy pork dumplings… It was oh-so-good!

Baby cabbage in superior stock 上汤娃娃菜

Baby cabbage in superior stock 上汤娃娃菜

Baby cabbage in superior stock 上汤娃娃菜: You will love this dish if you enjoy eggy gravy with chicken egg and century egg dissolved inside… Addictive! The baby cabbage was also very sweet and we really enjoyed this dish!

Lamb ribs 贵妃羊排

Lamb ribs 贵妃羊排

Lamb ribs 贵妃羊排: The highlight of the meal, the deep fried ribs were mouth-watering! I even managed more than 3 big pieces! The crispy batter was not overly oily, and the meat had sufficient texture and yet tender enough to fall off the bones very easily. The meat was more musky closer to the bones, and it was a bit too musky for me. So I had to use more of the tasty herbal dip to cover the taste. The side pickled vegetable was very refreshing and helped to cleanse the platelet.

Cold noodles 西安凉皮

Cold noodles 西安凉皮

Cold noodles 西安凉皮: Served slightly chilled, it was very appetising because of the vinegar. Hubby liked this dish a lot, and this was one of the better versions that I had tried before.

We liked every dish that we tried and were really quite impressed, especially since the prices were also quite reasonable 🙂 西安美食、的确好吃!


  • Location: 18 Smith Street S(058932)
  • Hrs: 11am – 2am
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