Gyoza King @Tanjong Pagar

Big banners

Big banners

We wanted to try our luck at Teppei because I was attending a course nearby but the queue was incredible! And the place is ridiculously small, and with a waiting list of at least 4 months (and the impossibility of getting through the phone once the reservation starts), I am guessing it will probably be in our next life that we get to dine at Teppei. … provided there’s a Teppei in our next life, that is…

So we looked around the corner and here is Gyoza King! The big banners are really very inviting and since there is no queue, we decided this would be a gyoza night!

This is one of the 5 Ramen Keisuke Tokyo outlets, the others being:

  • Ramen Keisuke, Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel,
  • Ramen Keisuke, Tori King at Amara Hotel,
  • Ramen Keisuke, Tonkotsu King at Four Seasons at Bugis Village,
  • Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo at Suntec City Mall.


Yummy-licious gyoza!


Look at the spread!

This is a very small shop with counter seats only, and the menu is very simple. Everyone gets to order a set. You get a plate of 5-piece gyoza (you can choose chicken or pork), 2 plates of side dishes (you can choose from a list of 5), one bowl of soup (you can choose from a list of 2) and a bowl of rice. All for $13.90. We ordered pork gyoza and chicken gyoza. For sides, we selected Chicken Nanban with Tartar sauce, stir fried pork and cabbage with miso, stir fried eggplant (brinjal) with miso and stir fried egg with tomatoes. For soup, we tried both miso soup and vegetables soup. And knowing ourselves, we wisely chose a small portion for rice. There were free-flow beansprouts and cabbage pickles, which were very yummy!

We loved the juicy and flavourful thin-skin gyozas! There were both the crispy side and a soft side, and cooked just nice. Our favourite side dish was the Chicken Nanban, which was nicely crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The rest was pretty much average.

Because the shop was so small and the seats were so close to one another, I felt very compelled to sit upright and finish the food quickly. I supposed it’s very value-for-money, but would have wished to be able to at at a more leisurely pace…


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