Whale & Cloud @Rochor

A hidden passageway?

A hidden passageway?

Many will seek but not all shall find

That’s written on their Instagram profile page.

And their exact address is 48¾ Niven Road (kind of reminds you of the famous Platform Nine and Three Quarters at King’s Cross Station in London featured in a very long movie series). 🙂

This is a highly secretive cafe hideout with so much interesting stuff about it, that was introduced to us by G’s friend.

Maybe secretive is not the word, because I don’t believe they intended to be secretive. It’s only that the location is kind of obscure and you need patience to find it (maybe not now, since there has been tons of post of exact directions, complete with picture guide, to lead you to the place). 🙂

There’s more to this place than meets the eyes…

Beautifully-decorated interiors!

Beautifully-decorated interiors!

More interesting tidbits about the place:

  • They have an unique address, 48¾ Niven Road. Cool?
  • And they opens sporadically, mainly on Saturdays. You see, the owners have a day job and this is kind of their hobby and they only open the place on Sat, mostly starting at 9am, and lasting until 4pm or when the beans run out. Are they open this or that Saturday? Check out their Instagram for updates.
  • How do you get in to the cafe? You knock on the door, silly! And someone will peek through the peek hole and ‘Open Sesame’ if there are seats inside. Otherwise, just queue and wait like the rest of the 200 people behind you. 🙂
  • They only serve Black or White coffee. That’s it. No tea, no soft drinks, no sodas, not even plain water. Oh, and no ‘special’ coffee like cappuccino, latte, mocha, chai tea latte, macha latte and what-have-you’s. Simple.
  • Cost? Up to you. They go by a tipping system. There is a jar at the counter and you leave any amount you want into the jar as you leave. Simple.
We were early!

We were early!

Each cuppa comes with a box of button biscuits!

Each cuppa comes with a box of button biscuits!

This place is definitely a place to chill out, but let the dust settle. And then come back with a good book and laze your Saturday away sipping Black or White coffee…


  • Location: 48¾ Niven Road S(228396)
  • Hrs: Check their Instagram for updates!
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